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Eddie Murphy Makes a Coffee Run In His Ferrari

A day in the life of Eddie Murphy -- another coffee stop, another supercar. Murphy and his girlfriend are always driving around in his Mercedes-Benz SLS but recently the cameras spotted the two of them getting in a Ferrari 599 instead.

Eddie Murphy Ferrari

Eddie Murphy Ferrari 599

(Photos: Zimbio)


Eddie Murphy Leaves Dinner In His Aston Martin

Eddie Murphy was spotted leaving dinner in Beverly Hills with a hot blonde and a new Aston Martin. Between this, the blonde and his Mercedes SLS he's got one good looking lineup!

Eddie Murphy Aston Martin

Eddie Murphy Aston Martin DBS

Shout out to Chris for the photo tip!

Eddie Murphy’s Mercedes-Benz SLS – More Photos

Eddie Murphy definitely can't hide from the paparazzi in this car. Here are a few more recent photos of Eddie getting back into his new Mercedes-Benz SLS. Such a hot color combo. Don't you agree?

Eddie Murphy Mercedes Benz SLS









Eddie Murphy Mercedes Benz SLS














Source: X17 Online

Eddie Murphy Enjoys The Finer Things In His New SLS

We've seen Eddie Murphy in his Rolls Royce Phantom before but from the looks of these photos, Eddie has a new toy to add to the collection! Eddie made a pit stop at a local coffee shop in his new black Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with red interior recently and we have to say the color combo looks hot! What do you think?

Eddie Murphy Mercedes SLS

Eddie Murphy Mercedes SLS

Eddie Murphy Mercedes SLS


Thanks to Chris for the tip!

Eddie Murphy Rollin Like a Phantom

Superstar Eddie Murphie was seen heading out of Mr. Chow in La in his sleek Rolls Royce Phantom. Eddie played many popular roles in TV and in the big screen, and with this car, he's playing the role of a true pimpin' high roller!

Eddie Murphie Rolls Royce Phantom

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