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Drake Picks Up The First 2015 BRABUS S-Coupe in North America

Drake has his fair share of sweet rides and now he’s the proud owner of the first 2015 Brabus edition S-Coupe in North America. Between Bugatti’s, Bentley’s and now Brabus S-Coupes, we’d say Drake is having a pretty good year.

What do you think of the new S-Coupe?

Drake Mercedes S Coupe

Photo (@brabususa) (itsthegoodguys.com)

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Did Drake Ditch His Bugatti?

One of our readers found this Bugatti Veyron listed on James Edition and noticed that it looked like the Bugatti that Drake took delivery of in Canada last year. If it is, maybe it’s for the best since he couldn’t even figure out how to drive it

Check out the listing here.

Drake bugatti veyron

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Drake Grabs Lunch In a Bentley Mulsanne

When you can’t figure out how to start your Bugatti, it’s best to just have someone drive you around in a Bentley instead. Drake was spotted getting into the passenger seat of a white Bentley Mulsanne last week after leaving lunch at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Drake Bentley Mulsanne

Drake Bentley

(Photos: Zimbio)


Drake – Started From The Bottom But Still Can’t Start His Car

It’s tough to ball so hard in a Bugatti when you can’t even figure out how to work it.

(Video: YouTube)

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Drake Steps Out In A Bugatti

Drake took delivery of a new Bugatti Veyron recently and was spotted cruising around the streets of Toronto the other day. His Bentley Supersports is nice but this is on another level. Take that Chris Brown.

Drake Bugatti

Drake Bugatti