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Nicole Richie’s Workout Ride

Nicole Richie was spotted leaving the gym in a black Escalade. She is switching rides more often than ever!

Emma Watson Keeps It Classy in an Escalade

Here’s Harry Potter kid star-turned-hottie Emma Watson riding around in an Escalade from one premiere to another. Are we seeing the next Victoria Beckham when it comes to class? A few years from now, Emma’s going to have some pretty sweet rides for sure.

Emma Watson hops out of Cadillac Escalade.

Jensen Ackles Rides A Cadillac Escalade

One half of the Dean Duo was seen about to hop in a customized Cadillac Escalade after a convention in Vancouver. His husky look, aviator shades and leather jacket match the testosterone overload of his car.

Jensen Ackles Rides A Cadillac Escalade

Dennis Quaid Rolls With His Escalade and Unleashes Some Rage

Dennis Quaid had a little verbal brawl with a driver who was about to hit his black Escalade. Apparently, the absent-minded driver missed the stop sign and was heading towards Quaid’s direction. There’s nothing more special than a day in traffic with an angry celebrity roaring at your window—it’s like watching an action movie for free and for real!

dennis quaid escalade road rage

Whoa, The Naked Cowboy drives a Escalade!

How would you like to arrive at work everyday in this outfit?? Here we have the Naked Cowboy of Times Square and his very own Cadillac Escalade, Giddy on up!

Naked Cowboy drives an Escalade!The Naked Cowboy drives an Escalade!