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Spotted: Blake Lively Heating Things Up In A Mini Cooper

Blake Lively was spotted on the set of her latest movie in a red Mini Cooper. We probably wont see Blake picking up a Mini for own garage anytime soon since she’s dating Leo now. Rumor has it Leo picked up a brand new Prius for her as a gift. Guess he likes to see whoever he’s dating go green too…

Blake Lively Mini Cooper

Lexus : The Official “Babe” Ride

The Malibu Barbie Car-esque look of the Lexus makes it a top choice for babes, and guess which Hollywood blossoming beauties have this beauty in their garages. Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, actress Isla Fisher and uber-hot vamp Mila Kunis all drive one. Whoa, Lexus should be proud of this feat!

Mila Kunis is seen gassing up her Lexus-SC-430G

Blake Lively in her Lexus

Blake Lively in her Lexus

Isla Fisher walk past her luscious Lexus