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Beyonce Buys Jay-Z a Bugatti for his Birthday

Some people just have it all. Jay-Z not only has a rap empire under his wing, but he has something better– a hot and talented wife who knows what’s best for him! Beyonce reportedly bought a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport as a gift on his 41st birthday. Jay-Z already owns a Maybach, a Ferrari and a Pagani, and now this beauty! Stay fly Jay-Z!

Jay-Z's Bugatti

Source: X17 Online

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Jeep Wrangler

R&B vamp Beyonce was seen hopping into Jay-Z’s Jeep Wrangler as they head to lunch in NY’s Soho district. Do you think her bootylicious beauty goes well with a Wrangler?

But who knows, maybe he is just borrowing the Wrangler from Diddy he we caught in one back in 2008.

beyonce wrangler jeep 2

beyonce wrangler jeep