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Ben Ballers New Ferrari 488 GTB

Ben Baller does it again! Not only is he one of the first in the country to take delivery of the new Ferrari 488 GTB, there was no hesitation taking it straight to Platinum Motorsports for a new Capristo exhaust and Novitec race suspension. Thankfully he kept the modifications tasteful, and the result is one clean and sleek looking Ferrari.

Ben Baller Ferrari 488

Ben Baller Ferrari 488 GTB

Source (@benballer)

Ben Baller “My President is Black, My Lambo is Too”

Ben Baller caught a pretty sick pic of his 50th anniversary Lamborghini Aventador outside Dodger Stadium last week. Looks like he's added some new gold rims to the car since we first saw it too.

Ben Baller Lamborghini
Photo (@benballer)

Ben Baller Shows Off His New Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe

Ben Baller never disappoints when it comes to his cars. His latest addition is this new Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe that he shared a photo of on Instagram. Even though the car looks sick enough already, we're guessing it wont be long until he's handing the keys to the guys at Platinum Motorsport for a full overhaul.

Ben Baller Mercedes Benz

Photo (@benballer)

Ben Baller Picks up a G63

It's a about time Ben Baller picked up another G-Wagon. If I'm not mistaken he had one of the early Platinum Motorsports Project Murder G55's. Well, G55's are old news and it's now about the G63. We can't wait to see what Platinum Motorsport does with this thing.

Ben Baller G-Wagon

Source: Instagram

Ben Baller’s Garage: Which Pair Would You Take?

Ben Baller lives the high rise life so his car collection is sitting between two levels in the parking garage. He recently shared a photo on Instagram of his Bentley Flying Spur sitting next to his Lamborghini Aventador on one level and his Range Rover and Rolls Royce Ghost sitting together on another. If you had the choice between one pair, what would it be? We'd have to go for the Flying Spur/Aventador.

Ben Baller Cars

Photo (@benballer)

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