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Audrina Patridge Is Still Driving Her G-Wagon

Honestly, I’d actually forgot about Audrina Patridge. Then I saw this photo of her getting into her Mercedes-Benz G550 and it all came back to me. You know, those days she was on that one MTV show, dating that one guy, all while driving around in her white G-Wagon. I’m not sure what she’s actually doing now but she’s still driving her G-Wagon so she must be doing something.

Audrina Patridge Mercedes Benz G Wagon

(Photos: Zimbio)

Audrina Patridge Gets Down To Business In A Navigator

Audrina Patridge traveled around New York City in a Lincoln Navigator before heading to a taping of the “Today Show” recently. Did anyone watch her new reality show? Yeah…didn’t think so.

Audrina Patridge Lincoln Navigator

Audrina Runs Around In Her G-Wagon

Audrina Patridge looked hot as usual as she stepped out of her white Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. Audrina, LC, Lo, or Heidi? Who’s your favorite former “Hills” star?

Audrina Patridge Mercedes Benz G Wagon

















Celebrity Taxi Report: Audrina Patridge

Looking good as usual! Audrina Patridge hopped into a town car outside her Los Angeles home recently.

Audrina Patridge Taxi

Audrina Patridge Leaves Dinner In Her G-Wagon

Audrina Patridge left a family dinner in Hollywood last night with her Mercedes G550 and her brother by her side. Rumor has it she was filming for her new reality show that spotlights her…umm…life? Nothing like a new reality show following someone around while they shop, eat, and hit the club on a Tuesday. Will you watch?

Audrina Patridge In Mercedes G-Wagon