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Rowan Atkinson Drives Around in his Audi A1

It's no secret that Rowan Atkinson loves cars. Between his McLaren F1 and his Mercedes Benz SLS he has a pretty sweet garage but lets face it, the F1 isn't exactly the best for running around town so what does Atkinson drive when he's trying to be a bit more practical? His Audi A1. Atkinson and his wife were spotted getting into the economical Audi A1 in London recently.

Source (Zimbio)

Buy an Audi RS6 Once Owned by Paul Walker

It's not everyday that you see an Audi RS6 Avant on US soil, let alone one for sale that was originally imported by Paul Walker.

Apparently the car was imported in 2003 by Paul Walker.  He owned the vehicle up until October 2011 when he sold it to an individual in Arizona.  The car is now being offered for sale on eBay. More pics of the car at eBay!

Audi-RS6-Paul Walker

Tyler The Creator Picks Up an Audi R8

Or did he? It's always hard to tell if Tyler The Creator actually owns the cars he poses with or not. He also shared a photo of himself with a Ferrari F12 a while back but it probably wasn't his so who knows if this Audi R8 is actually sitting in his garage or not. What's your bet?

Tyler The Creator Audi R8

Source (Instagram)

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Video: Jon Olsson’s RS6 In Action

Jon Olsson's referred to his new Audi RS6 as a "beast" and after watching this video, it's obvious that he's not joking. The video was made for a Gumball 3000 reunion with Team Betsafe recently and luckily they caught a few shots of the RS6 in action. The Milltek exhaust system is insane. Check it out below!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.48.41 PM

Source (jon-olsson.com)
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Vanessa Hudgens Adds Another Audi To Her Garage

Vanessa Hudgens has been an Audi fan for quite a while now (minus that short stint with a Mercedes E-Class). First she had her Audi S4 cabriolet, then it was on to the Audi S5 cabriolet, and now Hudgens has been spotted with a new Audi A7.

Source (Zimbio)

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