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Anne Hathaway’s New Porsche

Anne Hathaway was spotted stepping out of her new Porsche Carrera S convertible in Los Angeles recently.

Source (Zimbio)

Spotted: Anne Hathaway In a BMW i3

Anne Hathaway and her husband were spotted driving around Los Angeles in a BMW i3 recently. Can’t say I’m a fan of the looks of this new electric ride but when you’re a celebrity and automakers just give you loaner cars (to bring free public relations and marketing) why not take it for a spin.

Source (Zimbio)

Anne Hathaway Hangs Out In Her Audi R8

Anne Hathaway let her husband do the driving this weekend and instead she stepped into the passenger seat of her new Audi R8 Spyder.

Anne Hathaway Audi R8

Anne Hathaway Rides Around In A BMW

Anne Hathaway was recently spotted getting into the passenger seat of Adam Shulman’s BMW.

Anne Hathaway BMW

Anne Hathaway Steps Up Her Audi Game With A New R8

From the looks of this photo, Anne Hathaway decided to upgrade from her Audi A5 to this new Audi R8 Spyder. Anne was spotted getting out of the Audi R8 just recently as she pulled up to her home in Beverly Hills, CA.

anne hathaway audi R8