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Lance Stephenson’s Rolling in a Wraith and a Mulsanne

Charlotte Hornets shooting guard, Lance Stephenson is rolling in the big bucks with his new three-year, $27 million dollar deal and his Instagram is proof. Stepenson's shared recent photos of himself with his Rolls Royce Wraith and his Bentley Mulsanne. He'll actually be making an appreance in DJ Khaled's new video which is scheduled to debut sometime in the next few days.

Lance Stephenson Rolls RoycePhoto (@stephensonlance)

Lance Stephenson Bentley MulsannePhoto (@stephensonlance)
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Young Jeezy’s New Rolls Royce Wraith

Looks like Young Jeezy's added a new car to go along with his Bentley Mulsanne and his Ferrari California. The photos below show Jeezy sitting pretty in his new Rolls Royce Wraith.


Young Jeezy Rolls Royce

Source (@youngjeezy)

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Kim Kardashian: Mom Duty in the Rolls Royce

Kim Kardashian was spotted taking her daughter North out of the backseat of her Rolls Royce Ghost recently. Now this is just a guess but I'm going to say North wont be seeing the backseat of a minivan anytime soon.

Source (Zimbio)

Travis Barkers “Murdered Out” Rolls Royce Wraith

Travis Barker loves his classic rides but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy new cars too, and this Rolls Royce Wraith is exactly that. Barker took a selfie inside his new Rolls Royce a few weeks ago but he recently shared this exterior photo after having the guys at Platinum Motorsport work their magic and even though this photo doesn't show the whole car we can imagine it looks pretty sick.

Travis Barker Rolls Royce Wraith

Travis Barker Rolls Royce
Source (@travisbarker)
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Tyga Shows Off His Vintage Rolls Royce

Tyga shared a photo of this vintage 1959 Rolls Royce recently with the caption, "what color should I make it?". If you ask me, I wouldn't mess with it and I'd keep it just the way it is. What do you think? Lets just hope it doesn't show up with a rose gold wrap!

Tyga Rolls Royce

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