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Buzzin Music Video Repping Plenty of Platinum Motorsport

I’m not familiar with this artist but the video is not too bad.  My favorite part is 50 Cent rolling in the Platinum Motorsport Lambo.

Verne Troyer Can Stack Cash Just Like 50 Cent

I admit that I was out having fun last week at SEMA but what’s with the latest trend in stacking cash and taking photos (just like 50 Cent)? Check out Verne stacking money in his car. And speaking of his car, what is that?

Verne Troyer

50 Cent Fills Up the Bonnet on His Murcie… With CASH

HOLY SHIT!!!! Has 50 Cent gone crazy… what is he up to? He’s stuffing tons of cash in his Lambo.

50 Cent Lamborghini

50 Cent – There you are

Man, we haven’t seen 50 Cent in a very long time yet we know this guy rolls in style. Apparently he’s caught up in the is he dating her or is he not drama in regards to Chelsea Lately. We could really care less about her but we would like to know what else 50 Cent is driving. Any of our East Coast readers have any ideas?

50 Cent's Rolls Royce

50 Cent Loves his Pontiac G8

50 Cent's Pontiac G8
Scope 50 Cent on a DUB photo-shoot with his 50 Cent special edition Pontiac G8. 50 Cent has been on quite the promotion tour with this ride at every major auto show such as SEMA and the New York International Auto Show as well as putting it on the cover of his latest album. It’s a hot car so we don’t plan on telling 50 cent different. Anyways, check out the behind the scenes shoot with 50 Cent and his hot Pontiac G8.