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Video: Nyjah Huston on His Way to Street League #RIPRIP

Los Angeles is a pretty big place and I can’t really imagine running into many people you know on the 405 but it happened to Nyjah Huston and Josh Kalis when Josh rolled up on Nyjah en route to the Street League competition over the weekend. By the looks of it, Josh was in his […]

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There’s More To Kylie Jenner’s “Snowball” Rover Than We Thought

Turns out it’s not spray paint. šŸ˜‰ Kylie’s Range Rover is actually wrapped in white carbon fiber and she shared a photo on Instagram today to prove it. Now if only she’d left the taillights and the exhaust tips alone, the car couldĀ have been so much better. Photos (@kyliejenner) Shout out to Zach for the […]

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Ben Baller Picks up a G63

It’s a about time Ben Baller picked up another G-Wagon. If I’m not mistaken he had one of the early Platinum Motorsports Project Murder G55’s. Well, G55’s are old news and it’s now about the G63. We can’t wait to see what Platinum Motorsport does with this thing. Source: Instagram

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Kylie Jenner: Blue Hair, Pink Shoes and a Bright Green Bentley

Kylie Jenner just shared a photo of a bright green Bentley Continental on Instagram and we’re not quite sure what to think. We were just getting used to her new blue hair and ugly white Range Rover. Anyone have any guesses about thisĀ green Bentley?? Photo (@kyliejenner)

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Kanye West Takes Care of Business in his Rolls Royce

Usually it’s Kim Kardashian stepping out in the matte grey Rolls Royce Ghost but this time her husband, Kanye West was behind the wheel. Yeezy was spotted driving the Ghost around Beverly Hills earlier this week. Photo (Zimbio)

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