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Oksana Fuels Up her Dodge Charger SRT8

Mel Gibson’s ex Oksana Grigorieva was seen pumping gas into her shiny Dodge Charger SRT8. The paps bombarded her with questions about Mel’s recent car crash, but all they got was a series of differently-toned “no comment”. Even if her dignity has been pummeled by her ex, at least she has a tough car!

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Britney Spears Steps out from a Mercedes G550 Looking FAB!

We are all used to Britney’s messy hair, cellulite and unpolished look, but when she stepped out of a gleaming black Mercedes G550 on her way to shoot for the hit TV series Glee, she looked somewhat presentable– like if she was your fiance, you would finally want your parents to meet her. If you […]

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Kim Swaps The Bentley Out With The Rover and Continues Shopping

When you are Kim Kardashian and you bang up the front end of your Bentley Continental CT Convertible while shopping you don’t stop shopping. You get your other car brought to you and you continue shopping. Really Kim? We think you have a problem and it’s not being a bad driver… well besides that.

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Hilary Duff Did some Pre-Wedding Parlor Work

Hilary Duff was seen out with her sister Hayley and a friend parking a white Land Rover in front of a nail salon in LA. The ex-Disney star tied the knot with NFL player Mike Comrie in Santa Barbara last weekend, and by the looks of that humongous engagement ring, a posh nail job is […]

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Ashley Simpson-Wentz Takes Out her Son with a Lexus RX

Ashley sported shorts, an oversized blouse and some doll shoes while taking her son Bronx out for a spin in her Lexus RX. People are scrutinizing her for flaunting her cellulite, but what about her car?

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