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Felix Hernandez Heats Things Up With His Rover

Even though the Mariners aren’t doing so hot this season we’re still big Felix Hernandez fans so when we came across King Felix’s “Cy Young” customized Range Rover we thought we’d share.

Felix Hernandez Range Rover

Felix had the car customized by the guys down at MC Customs in Miami and well, we’ll just say there’s nothing they really missed on this one. It’s a little flashy for us but don’t get us wrong we’re still fans and you’ll still find us sitting in the “Kings Court”



13 Responses to Felix Hernandez Heats Things Up With His Rover

  1. andy says:

    No class……. this isn’t a little flashy, it is a little trashy.

  2. Jcm says:

    Seriously how ghetto can you make a car? It’s like they say to the auto shop just gimme everything u shouldn’t do to a car and make it all one Color so people know my car is the ugliest

  3. Dan@idriveyourcar says:

    WOW! I am not a fan of this what-so-ever!

  4. action jackson says:

    what a complete waste of money. you can’t buy taste !

  5. Supercar Forum for Auto Enthusiasts says:

    not a big fan of the red but i think it would look pretty fresh if it were black. reds too flashy.

  6. JustJustin says:

    Thats is the most fugliest car I’ve ever seen!

  7. Erone says:

    What IS it with athletes and rappers? Whoever has the most ghettofied car wins?

  8. Tom L says:

    Money doesn’t buy taste…obviously.

  9. erica ruiz says:

    The Rover Rocks, the interior is luxury, and the customization on the rims, and trunk/sounds is pretty freaking awesome. Don’t hate on King Felix HATERS!! Being a hater doesn’t give you class or taste, hahahaha!

  10. Erone says:

    The tools that can’t stop screamin “DON’T BE A HATER” are seriously lame.

    Anybody that is not a fangirl can see that the car is ugly.

  11. Zach says:

    You have got to be kidding me, Erica. It’s U-G-L-Y, UGLY!

  12. erica ruiz says:

    everyone is entitled to do what they want to their vehicles, the fact that your taste is different from Felix’s does not make it your opinion true, just remember that “HATERS” It is what it is!

  13. Engine Mounting says:

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