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Lexus : The Official “Babe” Ride

The Malibu Barbie Car-esque look of the Lexus makes it a top choice for babes, and guess which Hollywood blossoming beauties have this beauty in their garages. Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, actress Isla Fisher and uber-hot vamp Mila Kunis all drive one. Whoa, Lexus should be proud of this feat!

Mila Kunis is seen gassing up her Lexus-SC-430G

Blake Lively in her Lexus

Blake Lively in her Lexus

Isla Fisher walk past her luscious Lexus

5 Responses to Lexus : The Official “Babe” Ride

  1. ambient says:

    SC is one of the ugliest convertibles ever made=(

  2. sunbeam says:

    agreed. that car is mingin’

  3. John says:

    It’s deff outdated as of 2010. Matter of fact, it was outdated since 2005.

  4. Honda says:

    that is a very sexy girl and a car! i love it! you should like it guys! that is hot!

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