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Vtg 1929 Custom Painted Royal typewriter no1 Portable P Model Restored & Working For Sale

Vtg 1929 Custom Painted Royal typewriter no1 Portable P Model Restored & Working

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Vtg 1929 Custom Painted Royal typewriter no1 Portable P Model Restored & Working:

((Vintage1929 1st modelRoyal Portable Typewriter~~Restored & Customized))


"Youwill not be disappointed buying from us. "Look closely at thequality of craftsmanship in the photos"!

A beautifuldisplay model that you can also use.

Weoffer meticulously restored, quality typewriters withextraordinary craftsmanship.Our reputation wehave received.

"Asproof to our quality, please take time to read a few of the World-wide response'son our machines at end of this listing":

Eachof our machinesare valuable notonly for their historical significance but also tothequalityofrestoration thatultimatelymakesthem agreatinvestment foryou.If you need to know more about this machine, we encourageyou to read the very detailed informationthat follows.

TypewriterRestoration:I have been a professional typewriter repair technician for 14 yearsprovidingquality restorationsas well as customer satisfaction.Each machine is dissembledto becleaned, oiled and mechanically adjusted. Unlessotherwise stated all of ourmachines are meticulously tested and fully functional when shipped.All parts are original unless otherwise stated. Some damaged originalparts may be replaced by parts from identical typewriters or newreproduction parts, if needed.

Mechanicaland Cosmetic Disposition: Foryourreassurance we alwaysdescribe our machinesmeticulously,no matter how small the details.

Cosmetic Disposition:This machine has been sanded primed and beautifully repainted to its new custom color. It then received all brand-new Decals, front and back. There are a few subsurface defects under the new paint.Thereis minor wear and pitting on some of the non-painted metal surfaces.

Mechanical Notice: There is a minor issue with this Custom display model. We found that the ribbon vibrator needs too much of an adjustment to work perfectly. We adjusted it as far as we can without the danger of fracturing and breaking the fragile metal that it is made of. After saying that, the machine works great on the black ribbon selection. The ribbon will sometimes climb out of its place when typing on the red selector or typing with the shift selector set full time. (Youmay have to adjust the ribbon).The machine received new rubber feet on the bottom side.The Platen Roll is brand new. The Paper Feed Rolls under the Platen are brand new. We installed a newcustom-madeMissouriRed Cedar Spacer Bar and a new matching right Platen Roll Knob.Wealso installed a new Black and Red ribbon on the machine,and you will also receive a new solid black ribbon as well for this particular machine.

Note:I will never say that this machine or any machine this old iscompletely original as it has most likely been worked on in the past,some parts may have been replaced in order for it to function asdesigned.

Alittle History and Information:Alittle History and Information:Like other Royal models, this Royal no1 Portable is very stylish. Royals were alldesigned to be functional, reliable workhorses.The machine presented here hasa serial number (P77392) that fits a production date in 1929.

Thisnice collectible has akeyboardclassifiedas an"Elite", typing at 12 characters per inch.

Note:Please,never pick up typewriters by the carriage, always pick them up by themain frame.

Shipping:This is afragile machineand will require extra protection for shipment. Unless posted with freeshipping the cost to cover shipping materials has been added to theshipping cost. Our packing system works very well for these fragile machines. You wouldnot want your valuableinvestment damaged during the shipping process.

Thankyou for understanding.

Pleasefeel free to ask any questions whatsoever, I will get back with yousoon!

Thisis the Custom No 1Royal Portable Typewriter:


~~Justa few of the great responses that we have received on ourtypewriters~~

Latestletter from satisfied customer: Itruly appreciate the extreme attention to detail in preparing andpacking the refurbished Vintage Underwood Typewriter No. 5 (1907)down to the new black/red ribbon. You truly are a master of yourtrade craft in restoring vintage typewriters. It looks brand new. Asa writer, I appreciate the history in these writing instruments, onceused typewriters in my work once upon a time (and even acquired abrand new unused Selectric, and a few other specimens from thatmechanical era). Keep up the excellent work and God bless you!

FromAUSTRALIA---Arrivedin fantastic condition, well packaged, fast shipping. Very happy!

WoodstockNo. 5 Antique Typewriter of 1939


1940sRemington Rand Model Seven Typewriter

L.C.Smith-Corona No. 4 of 1932 Typewriter


VintageAntique Woodstock No. 5 Typewriter Elite Writing Machine of 1932

RoyalPortable Typewriter 2nd Model 1931

FromUSA---Yourdescription and pictures do not do this typing machine justice. It isspectacular to say the least, WOW thank you

1933Underwood 4 Bank Typewriter

FromCANADA---verynice !! RoyalPortable Deluxe Typewriter of 1935 Classy Writing Machine

FromUSA---Absolutelydelighted with the condition of the product and service. Woodstock#5 Typewriter Vintage 1917

FromITALY-----ooooo.kkkkkkkk. RoyalPortable * 2nd Model * Typewriter of 1933

FromeFRANCE-----supereur, je recommande +++RoyalPortable ~ Model 1 of 1933~ Typewriter

FromUSA---SUPERBITEM! Seller is EXCELLENT across the board in every respect! FIVESTARS!!

VintageRoyal Portable 2nd Model Typewriter Writing Machine of 1941

Anote about our Typewriters:Wehave been professionally refurbishing typewriters for over15years,and have many satisfiedcustomers? allover theworld?We give each and every machine the same exact quality service. Theseintricate machines takes hours and sometimes days to clean,repairand lubricate. We thoroughly test and repair if necessary allmechanics thatare involved in making each machine function asthey were designed.

Ourgoal is to give you a product that youwill be happy andproudof, to display.Our number one concern is to confirm that yournew machine operates as it was designed. Although we do clean themachine inside and out, you might find some light accumulations ofdebris in the hidden crevices. We do not take the machine completelyapart during our servicing of the machine, unless it is necessary torepair it. We will, to the best of our ability repair any and allmalfunctions or inform you of the problem that could not be repaired.As stated our biggest concern is to make sure that your new machinewill work for you as designed.We advise with all of thesevintage machines that a new Ribbon should be added for maximumreadability. If you need any other photos or information on this nicemachineplease contact us.

Thankand God Bless You


Customersatisfaction is very important to us therefore we do accept returns.If you are dissatisfied with your item(s) in any way please contactme as soon as possible. We ask that you ship the item back to uswithin 3 days. We will inspect the item to ensure it is in the samecondition as when it left our store. Providing the item is undamaged,a refund will be given for the item itself but not for shipping cost.

Hawaiiand Alaskacustomersmust contact us for shipping cost.

Weship 5 days a week, Mon-Frianddo our best to ship items as soon as payment clears. Most items willbe shipped within 24hrs

Iask that you please keep shipping expectations realistic. Keep inmind that first Class shipping may take up to 5-10 business days toarrive after leaving our location. FIRST CLASS POSTAGE IS THECHEAPEST FOR A REASON Priority shipping usually takes around 3-5business days to arrive after leaving our location.

Insurance/ Overnight / Express / UPS shipping services are all available uponrequest.

ØAPO/FPOshipping:If you have an APO/FPO address please keep your shipping expectationsrealistic. OurMilitary customers are very important to ustherefore we ship to your locations around the world.

ØInternationalcustomers willbe responsible for any customs charges. We will not mark any item as?Gift? or change the declared value.

ØInternationalcustomers,if you DONOTreceive your item orif your item is damaged in any way,DUETO CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL,WECANNOT and WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE,for the delivery!!

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