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Slabpocolypse Comic Book Lot/Grab Bag. 5 comic (Marvel/DC/Indie) grab bag. CGC For Sale

Slabpocolypse Comic Book Lot/Grab Bag. 5 comic (Marvel/DC/Indie) grab bag. CGC

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Slabpocolypse Comic Book Lot/Grab Bag. 5 comic (Marvel/DC/Indie) grab bag. CGC:

Slabpocolypse! Comic Book Lot/Grab Bag. 20 slabs 200 bags you do the math.

Unlike other grab bags I actually give away the prizes (read my response for proof)

5 comic grab bag here.

You will recieve 2 Marvel, 2 DC and 1 Independent comic book. All higher grade condition VF or better. Bagged and boarded and securely shipped in gemini comic mailers.

20 lucky winners will recieve one of the pictured graded comics.

9.6 Darkhawk #1

8.5 Amazing Spiderman #361

9.8 Venom #25 (2nd Print) Signed and sketch by Mark Bagley

9.2 Cataclysm Ultimates last stand #3. Signed and sketch by Mark Bagley

9.0 New Mutants #87 (2nd print)

9.8 Spiderman #1 (Facsimile edition)

9.8 Carnage: Black white and Blood

9.6 Thor #5 (Variant) Signed by Donny Cates

9.4 Green Lantern #48

9.8 Justice League Odyssey #1

9.0 The Dark Night Returns #1 (1st print)

9.6 Batman Rebirth #1

9.6 Batman Rebirth #1 (Variant)

8.5 Dark Knight returns #2

8.5 Batman 423 (1st print)

9.6 New Teen Titans #23 (CBCS) Signed by George Perez

9.8 Something is Killing the Children (Variant cover)

9.8 BZRKYR #1 (3rd print foil edition)

9.6 Eternal Warrior #4

9.8 The Last Ronin #1 Signed by Kevin Eastman.

Not every lot will be a winner only 20 slabs to be given away.

But fear not, I threw in an aweful lot of great comics. Minor to mid range key issues. 1st issues, 1st appearances, lenticular covers, variants and so much more.

If you have done my grab bags in the past thank you this is the best one yet.

If you are unsure of what a grab bag offer entails please message me.

To ensure safe packaging and shipping please no more than a quantity of 4 per order

This grab bag is cross posted on other platforms ( quantities will be updated frequently)

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