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Patek Philippe 1965 Jade Swan Solar Clock Largest Solar Clock Ever Made For Sale

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Patek Philippe 1965 Jade Swan Solar Clock Largest Solar Clock Ever Made:

Extremely Rare & Magnificent Patek Philippe Jade Swan Solar Clock The present clock is an extremely rare and magnificent Patek Philippe regency style gilt brass & Jadeite Dial Solar Powered Desk Clock which is in perfect working condition and is fully signed for Patek Philippe A Geneve. Confirmed by its archive the clock is referenced as a Ref 1316 and Manufactured in 1965 and is known to be the LARGEST solar clock Patek Philippe has ever produced with a staggering 7.5” dial encompassed by a 22.8 cm x 26.7 cm large Hand engraved case. The Jade Swan Solar Clock Mechanism and Function When Patek Philippe marketed its first solar clocks in the mid 1950s, they did what was once thought was impossible: harness the power of light as the motive force for a timepiece. Their marketing boasted of this ground breaking technology, "Never before in the history of the measurement of time, has light - natural or artificial - been used as the sole motive agent of a clock mechanism". Before the dawn of the quartz revolution in 1970s, Swiss watch companies fought to make the most accurate and beautiful clocks. Novel designs and technical prowess made for a lively competition as the major houses vied for design and produce timepieces that were functional as well as works of art. These clocks were the blank canvases for the engravers, enamellists, jewelers, and watchmakers to show the tradition arts were still alive and well, even though the ticking of the common quartz movement was marching closer every day. The most famous of these Patek Philippe clocks from this period is the dome clock. First shown to the world in 1955, these clocks became the status symbol of luxury and were found in the finest homes and offices of the era. However other designs of solar clocks were also made, and in much lesser quantities. During the 1960s and 1970s, Patek Philippe made modern interpretations of cartel clocks, Empire style clocks, portico clocks, even Renaissance table clocks, all using the cutting edge solar technology. Patek Philippe soon owned the high end of the clock market with the development of their hybrid Mechanical/Solar system in the late 1950s. Using early 20th century pocket watch movements, the movements were converted to modern use and combined with solar technology. The 28 jeweled mechanical caliber 17 ligne movements were set within the clocks horizontally for accuracy and were wound by an electric winding device powered by the solar cells. A daily exposure of 200 lux was sufficient to keep the clock running indefinitely. When complete, the maximum variation on the timing of these clocks was an impressive 1 second for every 24 hours. The Jade Swan Solar Clock features a number of unique characteristics that make it one of the rarest and most beautiful of all Patek Philippe clocks ever made. Most solar dome clocks feature a dial of approximately 3 inches - the width of the dial of this Jade solar clock is a massive 7.5". It is the largest known Patek Philippe solar clock in existence. The hands are so long they needed to be elaboratey skeletonized to minimize the weight for the 17 ligne movement to have enough torque to turn them on the dial. The use of jade on the dial suggests an extremely important commission, making this clock a unique piece in the production of Patek Philippe clocks. * As the world renown sale house Christies has documented, No other clock of this design is known to the world from literature. For the collector of Patek Philippe, the Jade Swan Solar Clock is the ultimate trophy. More about the Creation Process of the Jade Dial Patek Philippe has long well been known to innovate and create unique clocks and complicated mechanisms. The present Jade dial falls into this category as Patek Philippe used an extremely unique process to achieve the vibrant hues of green present on this example. Through a unique process of creation, tiny crystals of jade were carefully muddled into a powder form and mixed with chemicals to form an almost paste-like paint which were then applied to a metal backing and the set into the clock once heated and dried. Movement Specifics & Dimensions The clock runs on a Cal. 17" 250 photo-elctric cell lithium battery, Gilt-finished movement with 29 jewels, Gyromax balance, free sprung regulator and has a completely mint oval-shaped jadeite dial. Adding further detail to this extremely rare clock is an overlaid skeletonize outer gilt brass Roman numerals with pointed spacers. The Regency style case has a very large oval-shaped face with engraved arch design around the rim and case sides designed with four intricately engraved swans with the heads curved downard and the bodies flowing to the underside of the case which double has clock handles. The solar panel which is also in perfect condition is set in the flat top with in the gilt frame and enhanced with four initials all set on an engraved circular case. The hinged door on the plain case back protects the movement. The dial & movement are fully signed and the movement & case are numbered The Clock measures to a staggering 22.8 cm x 26.7 cm large and comes with a Patek Philippe Extract from the Archives confirming production of the present clock with jade green dial and swan neck case in 1965 and its subsequent sale on September 7th of the following year.

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