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Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1 VG+ 4.5 1968 For Sale

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1 VG+ 4.5 1968
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Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1 VG+ 4.5 1968:

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Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1 VG+ 4.5 1968
Grade VG+ 4.5 Year 1968 Publisher Marvel

Centerfold detached at one staple. Wayer spotting and oxidation.

This is a low grade item. It will be complete and readable, but will show significant wear. Allowed defects for this grade include: spine roll, a moderate amount of staining or water damage, writing or other marks on the cover, up to one inch spine splits or other tears, a cover or centerfold that is detached at one staple, discoloration due to oxidation, and a minor piece or pieces missing. An item could be assigned this grade due to either an accumulation of minor/moderate defects or one or two major defects.


Cover by Jim Steranko. First appearance of Scorpio in "Who Is Scorpio?", script by Jim Steranko, pencils by Jim Steranko, inks by Joe Sinnott; Fury sneaks into an island fortress, only to get shot in the back. Surprise!; It's an L.M.D., and the shooter is the real Fury!; But on examination, Dugan informs Fury the L.M.D.'s been shot 4 times, not 3 - which means, someone tried to assassinate him!; The only clue is a tiny badge with a "Scorpio" symbol on it; In San Francisco, comic Flip Mason's on the run from gambling debts; In Kansas City, racketeer Mitch Hackett looks forward to joining the mob. In NYC, Fury & Val walk in the rain; At the Monza Autodrome, Count Julio Scarlotti wins a race - and we see he has a Scorpio tattoo on his wrist; Days later in Nevada, Fury helps test an "EPB G-System" (Entrope Phase Barrier Guard System), a force field which is hoped may one day protect entire armies. As SHIELD prepares one final test (with an H-Bomb!) we see the tech firing the missile has a Scorpio tattoo on his wrist; Fury suddenly realizes the EPB's down, and nobody answers his comm; He races across the desert to a rocket sled used by NASA to escape as the missile descends on the spot he was relaxing; At the U.S. Government Research Center in Las Vegas, everyone's been put to sleep with gas by Scorpio - when Fury arrives via motorcycle. Letter to the editor from comics writer Don McGregor.

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