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M.I.Hummel #56/A Culprits TMK3 (6-1/4") VERY GOOD CONDITION (689) For Sale

M.I.Hummel #56/A Culprits TMK3 (6-1/4

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M.I.Hummel #56/A Culprits TMK3 (6-1/4") VERY GOOD CONDITION (689):

Yes, I do COMBINE shipping!!!Yes, I do COMBINE shipping!!!DescriptionListing Ref No: 2022_689M.I.Hummel #56/A Culprits TMK3

VERY GOOD CONDITION!!! Only very minor crazing underneath base, no other crazing or defects noted.

The height of this piece is 6-1/4 inches.The shipping weight of this piece is approximately 10 ounces.

Please read this description, look at the pictures and ask any questions BEFORE buying.

Please Note!

Height and weight measurements are approximate, when given.
No original name sticker unless it appears in photos.
No box available unless specifically mentioned.

Color Vision Test

Just in case some of you have issues with color-blindness and cannot see YELLOW:

YES, I do COMBINE shipping!!!

YES, I do COMBINE shipping!!!

YES, I do COMBINE shipping!!!

YES, I do COMBINE shipping!!!

(Maybe THIS will work. I have been getting several emails a week asking if I combine shipping, LOL.)


Promotional price discounts when offered apply only to multiple items purchased at the same time through your Shopping Cart, and not to items purchased individually or to items purchased through Make Offer.

Aside from that, if you would like to receive notifications of any future discount offers, add this item and any of my other items to your Watch List.

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The initial shipping cost shown on the Shopping Cart page is often inaccurate. I won't explain here, but just as a quick indication of what I mean, how does $70.32 for shipping eleven items sound to you? You will need to proceed to the Checkout page to select the correct shipping option for each item in the cart. For anyone not familiar with how that works, I highly recommend that you check out my article "What if the shipping cost seems too high in my Shopping Cart?" in the Further Reading section below - it includes screenshots that will illustrate the process.For some buyers, if the total weight of the items in your cart is less than 16 ounces, it will be one single First Class package, and the shipping total shown is most likely already correct, no changes required.For others, the total cart weight will exceed 16 ounces and you will need to click the "Priority Mail" option for each item in the cart, this will consolidate all items into one single Priority Mail package, and that will give you the correct Combined Shipping total. does NOT do this automatically, you have to do it.

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USPS Shipping Information

First Class Package weight limit is 15.9 ounces, above that, Priority Mail applies.

I believe in economy over priority, so most single items will be shipped by USPS First Class Package which does come with tracking and still has reasonable delivery times.

For multiple items I will combine shipping, but if the total weight exceeds 15.9 ounces then the items will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail, which is, unfortunately, a more expensive rate class. But while this means that Priority Mail is not the most cost effective for shipping individual figurines, it can actually be MORE cost effective for shipping multiple pieces together. If you purchase two items, there may not be as good a price break on combined shipping going from First Class Package (1 item) to Priority Mail (2 items), but when you purchase additional items, then the added weight of each additional item does not drive up the Priority Mail postage very much. What that means for you as a buyer, is that once Priority Mail is in effect, you may as well purchase three or four items (or even ten!) as purchase two, and the shipping cost will not go much higher at all! (hint, hint)

Terms of Sale/Returns/Refunds

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me before buying, I respond to all inquiries promptly.I examine each piece as carefully as I can under good strong lighting and do my best to describe defects or flaws that are visible to MY EYE, but aside from that, the photos are also part of the description - please, look at them CAREFULLY, as the item you are buying is the item you will receive.As a Top Rated Plus Seller, I will grant a no questions asked return for 30 days for nearly all purchases. In cases of Item Arrived Damaged, or Wrong Item Sent, photographs of the damaged or incorrect item would be very helpful, most especially a photograph of the bottom of the piece so I can verify the identity of the item against listing photos. Failure to provide photos WILL delay the return process.

Buyer Remorse: In cases of Buyer Remorse, I will try to be as understanding as possible, but please understand, these items are not sold on a free 7-day trial basis, there are real shipping costs involved. You may be required to pay for your own return shipping label, and you will be refunded only the original purchase price of the item, and forfeit the original shipping cost. Any buyer who abuses the Money Back Guarantee by misrepresenting a return request by falsely claiming Incorrect Item Shipped, Item Arrived Damaged or Item Not As Described may be reported.

No Returns on As-Is Items: Sorry, but on items that are labeled as Damaged-As-Is or Repaired-As-Is, ALL SUCH SALES ARE FINAL. I make it adequately clear throughout the listing that these items are As-Is, so that buyers have ample opportunity to realize they are buying a damaged or repaired item. I do not offer returns or refunds on these items - these have Markdown prices for As-Is items, and ALL SUCH SALES ARE FINAL.

Further ReadingTMK Quick Reference

On the bottom of every* Goebel figurine you will see a trademark, referred to by collectors as the TM or TMK mark. In most cases it is stamped using blue or black ink, but in the earliest figurines this mark was actually pressed ("incised") into the porcelain. [*rare exceptions DO exist with no trademark stamp]

The TMK1 Marks: (1935-1950) The original trademark, referred to as Full Crown, appeared in several variants, some featuring a W and a G, some with the name Goebels. The Full Crown was in use until after WWII.

The TMK2 Marks: (1950-1959) The word "Hummel" means bumblebee in German, so perhaps it was not simply coincidence that in the course of producing figurines based on the artwork of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, Goebel introduced a bumblebee into their next generation of trademark stamps, referred to as TMK2. Several variations exist, as the design of the trademark changed with time. The following variations are referred to by collectors as "Incised Bee", "Full Bee", "High Bee", "Small Bee", "Baby Bee", "Vee Bee". Note that in all TMK2 marks, the bee is represented realistically.

The TMK3 Marks: (1957-1972) In the next generation, TMK3, and succeeding generations of trademark stamps, the TMK2 naturalized bee is replaced with an artistically stylized bee, with the body represented by a mere dot, and the wings reduced to straight lines and sharp angles. It is for this reason that TMK3 marks are often referred to as "the stylized bee".

The TMK4 Mark: (1964-1972) This generation is referred to as the "3-Line Mark" and you easily can see why. Note that the TMK4 years overlap with the later half of the TMK3 era.

The TMK5 Mark: (1972-1979) After the 3-Line Mark, Goebel used variations of a mark referred to as "the Last Bee."

The TMK6 Mark: (1979-1990) In this generation, there is no bee at all.

The TMK7 Mark: (1991-2000) And then, Goebel brought back the classic "crown" trademark, perhaps in celebration of a reunified Germany?

The TMK8 Mark: (2000-2008) The last generation of Goebel Hummels brought back the full bee in tribute to Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel.

The end of the Goebel M.I.Hummel legacy: (2008) Goebel dropped production of its line of M.I.Hummel figurines in 2008.

What Year Is It?

Question: What year is it from?

Interesting question, but unfortunately, for MOST Goebel M.I.Hummel figurines, it is one that cannot be answered with a specific YEAR or date. The reason is that Goebel never put production dates on their pieces.

But what they DID DO, was to add their trademark stamp to the bottom of each piece as it was being finished. AND, since Goebel actually changed their trademark stamp from time to time through the years, it is possible to narrow down the production date of any given piece to within a few years by looking at the trademark stamp and then knowing what years that particular stamp (referred to by collectors as the TM or TMK stamp) was in use by Goebel.

It is why I include a photo of the bottom of every Hummel I list, and it is why I include a TMK Quick Reference in my listing as well, so that every buyer can look at the photo, check the reference and know for a certainty how old or new that figurine MIGHT be.

There is also something that buyers SHOULD KNOW, (and this might clear up a whole LOT of misunderstanding) is that some Hummel figurines have a mold copyright date incised into the bottom of the piece along with the mold number - but this is the copyright year for the mold design, NOT the year of production.

Look at the following photos of a "Retreat to Safety" with a mold no. 201/1, a mold date of 1948, and a "circle incised" stamped "Full Bee" TMK2 trademark stamp. So, disregarding the mold date, I know that this piece was produced somewhere within in the TMK2 years of 1950-1959.

There IS one last bit of hope for knowing what year a piece was produced, although this can be somewhat unreliable - some of the artists chose to "autograph" their pieces - you might see something like "LAT 85" hand-painted in fine script onto the bottom, and you just have to GUESS that the piece was produced in 1985. But many pieces, especially older ones, will not have that "autograph" on the bottom.

Thanks again for your question and for your interest!

What Is Crazing?

Question: What is Crazing? Does it mean the piece is cracked or scratched?

This is perhaps the most common question to anyone new to Hummels or other glazed porcelain pieces. I can give a basic answer, but I am by no means an expert, and even my knowledge may be incorrect in places.

Crazing is the fine cracks that appear in the clear glazing that seals these pieces. It is not scratching, and it does not mean the piece is broken. It occurs over long, long periods of time, as porcelain pieces are exposed to variations in temperature and humidity. Remember, many of these figurines are as much as 60-80 years old. Some people are put off by crazing, but it is something that quite often is not all that visible, unless you have the piece brightly illuminated, or have the eyes of an eagle.

Crazing can be difficult to photograph, often requiring closeups with intense lighting, something my iPad camera eye cannot handle, as the extreme light throws off the autofocus feature and the crazing cracks are out of focus. I think a lot of other sellers are like me, they provide a basic set of photos and then go on to describe the piece physically. As common as crazing is in old Hummel figurines, to attempt to show photos of all the crazing that can occur on a piece would be insane, it could take hours to get all the best viewing angles and lighting for photographing the crazing, which is often invisible under normal lighting conditions and within normal viewing distances.

It is interesting to note that crazing typically affects the lighter colored areas first - you will want to look underneath the base, on the side/rim of the base, on the top surface of the base, and anywhere on the figurines where light paint colors (flesh tone or white) are used - primarily legs, arms, hands, face, neck. Crazing can be described as minor (few lines, short length), moderate (more lines, more length), fine (many fine lines, closely spaced), "throughout" (meaning pretty much all over the piece), etc.

Look at the 3 photos below (hint:right-click Open Image in New Tab to see full-sized image):

This one shows moderate crazing on the bottom of a figurine. I have seen pieces like this with crazing underneath, and on the rim and top of base, while none was present on the figurine itself. Crazing can be like that, the bases often show a much higher degree of crazing before it shows up on the figurine.

The next photo shows what you might see as a typical listing photo - you might not even be able to pick out the crazing in this photo.

The third photo was taken with added side lighting and from much closer up. See the crazing now?

Thanks again for your question and for your interest!

How do I clean a Hummel figurine?

What is the difference between the Palace of Versailles, and a modern sky-scraper? PATINA!!!

I clean my pieces occasionally to keep dust and oils from building up on them. And, most certainly, when getting them ready for photography to list them for sale, I do not want a dull layer of dust to obscure the beautiful vivid colors of these charming figurines.

But I am not aiming to make my prized "vintage" TMK1 pieces look like brand new TMK8s fresh out of the box, because some things which are old are meant to have that aged look, it is what imparts a sense of timelessness, a feeling of history and nostalgia to the pieces.

Besides which, cleaning subjects these delicate pieces to potential breakage, and potentially reveals hidden flaws and stubborn discolorations which are not so easily removed.

So please, if you purchase a piece from me, but you do not want "patina" on the piece, then certainly when it arrives in the mail you may clean it the way you like it, BUT PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! Underneath that built up "Patina" (some call it grime), you may find crazing, which is where the glazing has developed hairline cracks. Most of the time this crazing is so fine it cannot be seen unless you are up close with the piece under bright light. But once revealed, it is exposed to the air, and subsequent efforts at cleaning the piece may accelerate the crazing in the future.

A Few Words on CleaningI generally find it safe to give occasional cleanings to my display pieces with a light sponging with mildly soapy water, using Dawn, followed by a thorough rinse under slightly warm tap water. Be sure to protect paper name labels from soap and water. For tougher spots or grime, or old caked-on adhesive from old labels or price tags, a small amount of a solvent, such as isopropyl (aka rubbing alcohol) or lighter fluid can be used with a cotton round, or soft washcloth, but do not rub excessively, and rinse thoroughly afterward. If extended cleaning is required, change cotton rounds, because dirt particles can get left on the piece and stay behind.

You may be tempted to use other cleaners, and certainly they do work, but the key is to rinse, rinse, and rinse again. One such cleaner I have used on rare occasions with success that did not leave any sticky residue was Kaboom! Oxy-Clean.

If when restoring a piece you have serious grime issues, you can use a powdered cleaner that has a mild abrasive effect - I do not use any one containing chlorine, such as Comet (do they even still make that stuff?) - but rather I use food grade Calcium Carbonate (the active ingredient in antacid tablets - which is, actually, very finely ground limestone). Barely moisten a cotton pad or round, dab into the powder, and press firmly and rub slowly - you are not looking to speed grind off decades of grime, you are looking to remove it gently, gradually.

Some final notes:Aim for even cleaning all around, not perfection - You can struggle to get that dark grime off the easy areas, but it makes the grime in the areas you cannot reach look all the dirtier. What good is the piece if it looks 85% mint and 15% grimy, and the mint just highlights the grime?NEVER use scouring pads - I learned the hard way that you can actually scour away the thin glaze AND the paint, and find yourself looking the the white porcelain underneath.Go easy on the pressure - while cleaning your piece, you may be tempted to put the piece down on a solid surface so you can bring more pressure to bear - careful, you may actually break the piece. Rather, hold the piece securely in one hand, and use only what pressure the other hand can apply - you are not trying to break anything.

What if the Combined Shipping cost seems too high in my Shopping Cart?

SHORT ANSWER: To get the proper Combined Shipping cost for MULTIPLE items you purchase through your Shopping Cart you MUST proceed to the Checkout page and select the proper shipping option for EACH item in the cart. does not automate the First Class ==> Priority Mail process for cart weights in excess of 16 ounces.
Longer answer: Since most of my items are light in weight, USPS First Class Package is the default shipping service. The initial shipping cost you see in your Shopping Cart is just an initial estimate based on breaking down the total weight of items in the shopping cart into 16 ounce lots - each lot being a separate package and a separate postage label - that is NOT true Combined Shipping, and since it does not allow the possibility of shipping all items as one Priority Mail package, that total can be way off.How much off? How does $76.32 for 11 items sound to you? Or $40.40 for 6 items? When in actual fact these items can easily be shipped via Priority Mail as one package for less than $15 most of the time.You would think that would automatically apply the rule of thumb "If the total weight in the cart is less than 16 ounces, ship it all via First Class Package, but if is over 16 ounces, then change up and ship it all via Priority Mail instead." but they don't.So, the solution is up to you, the buyer, to proceed from your Shopping Cart to your Checkout and once there select the best shipping option for EACH item in the cart.1) If the cart weight is less than 16 ounces, this means all of the items will fit into one First Class Package, and the best option is to not change the default shipping option for any items --- the Combined Shipping cost is already optimized. (See EXAMPLE 1 below)2) But if the cart weight is over 16 ounces, transition the entire cart from First Class Package to Priority Mail by selecting Priority Mail for each and every item in the cart - the pro-rated cost showing beside each item will change each time you move an item from First Class to Priority Mail, and you will see the cart's total shipping cost change with each new click. When all items have been changed the Combined Shipping cost is optimized.(See EXAMPLE 2 below)

EXAMPLE 1) This cart had three small items in it with a total weight of 16 ounces, so the default choice of First Class Package actually works well, and the shipping cost is actually correct for Combined Shipping, and the buyer does not need to change anything.

EXAMPLE 2) This cart had 6 heavier items where the total weight is well over 16 ounces, and none of them are combining well under the rules for First Class Package - in fact, each one is priced out as if each one has its own postage label - this is actually a case of Combined Shipping GONE WILD!!!!.

2b) Next, when the Checkout page first opens, each item will still have the default First Class Package selected, with the same Shipping Total as the Shopping Cart shows, but this is where the buyer can step in and start changing things.

2c) Now the Priority Mail option has been clicked for every item. Note the shipping has now been reduced from $40.40 down to only $14.70 --- HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!

↳ Why can't I use Request Total from my Shopping Cart and get Combined Shipping that way?

SHORT ANSWER: Because I generally have a Promotional Offer in effect that offers something like "15% Off any 2 or more of my eligible items" and the likelihood that you have two or more of these items in your cart is extremely high.The Shopping Cart is where applies any promotional discounts to the list price on items meeting the criteria of the promotional offer, and it does a preliminary calculation on the overall shipping cost for the order. views the intent of the Request Total option as a buyer seeking a discount on the order, and unfortunately this is where trips up - they will literally let you know "You can't request a total because the seller has already offered a discount for these items." and as a consequence, the Request Total option is greyed out and unavailable.

NOTE: Request Total is actually a "Commitment to Purchase" which means as soon as you click Submit, you have actually bought the items in your cart, if not yet paid for them, so using Request Total is NOT a good way of asking the seller for a quickie total on shipping before deciding whether or not to purchase - it is in itself a purchase!!!

About Me

Yes, my last name really is HUMMEL, but NO, I do NOT get a family discount, so I cannot pass one along to you!

I have been a regular on for over 12 years, and my goal is to make YOUR buying experiences as pleasant and as reliable as mine have been over the years.

Buy with Confidence! Although I am relatively new to selling on , I AM a very experienced buyer! As such I have received packages from sellers in every size, shape and condition, and I have well observed how to and how NOT to pack and ship Hummel figurines and other fragile items.

I will work hard to make good on the promise that your item(s) will arrive safely and quickly.

The Bottom Line

All that being said, thank you for viewing my listings. Buy with confidence, as I will work to make your buying experience with me the best it can be!

I have many other Hummel figurines available, so check back often to see what is new.

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