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Katy Perry 8x10 Photo Art Print—Sexy, Celebrity, Singer For Sale

Katy Perry 8x10 Photo Art Print—Sexy, Celebrity, Singer
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Katy Perry 8x10 Photo Art Print—Sexy, Celebrity, Singer:


Important info is in this description. I cannot continue to sell to those that fail to read the item description.

This is NOT to be inconsiderate or unappreciative of any buyer. It is simply a request to make things go smoother going forward.


Listing is for ONE UNCENSORED 8x10 Adult Star Art Print

Image will come to you exactly as the one pictured EXCEPT it will NOT have any of the censor stickers on it (Uncensored).

These images are Adult-Oriented and are NOT to be purchased by ANYONE under the age of 18 years old.

Image is printed on Canon Ultra/Semi-Gloss Photo Paper.


Please be familiar with what you are purchasing. I know items are frequently displayed as censored. Yours will not be censored. This is to make happy.

Also, you should be aware of what you are purchasing. Please do not get upset because you ordered an image and thought it was one thing and it was something else. For example: All TS listed models are transgender. Please do not be upset when it arrives and you did not realize this ahead of time. Just one example.

Just some further details related to what is not allowed to sell: nudity may be allowed in art prints, but restriced to no sexual content, inappropriate touching, models who look young even if they are not, spreading of private parts, etc. This stuff is not allowed and will get me in trouble.


Feel free to message me with something specific you are looking for or if a sold item is still available to be listed again.

When making special requests please take into consideration what is not allowed to be sold on . Specifically, this applies to the photos and what can be contained in them. For more details read up on ?s restricted item policy.

Just an example: nudity may be allowed in art prints, but restriced to no sexual content, inappropriate touching, models who look young even if they are not, spreading of private parts, etc. This stuff is not allowed and will get me in trouble.


Handling time may be up to 5 business days and dependent on amount of orders received. You are given an estimate when you are viewing and purchasing items. Please read that estimate, understand it is only an estimate, and respect that as the time you will receive your order.

Orders will be processed in order they are received and multiple orders per customer will be shipped together if received at any point between purchase and shipped status.


Will be in some form of photo sleeve and shipped in a hard envelope with DO NOT BEND and FRAGILE stickers (envelope hard to bend as well). I will add as many stickers as I can to help alert the post office to be careful with these photos.

No one will know what is inside your envelope. Rest assured the items are shipped discreetly!

Shipping speed varies but usually you will receive your purchase within a week AFTER it is shipped. Do not count Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. Regular Monday thru Friday.

I will process orders 7 days a week to avoid falling behind on orders. I receive a ton of orders each week.

Please avoid rushing things by asking when it will ship. I will do my best to process and ship quickly, however, sometimes the amount of orders received means it will take a bit to complete. Please be patient.

Your order is very important and appreciated. But at the end of the day these are items that are non-essential. I am not charging you anything for shipping and am paying that myself. I am not promising lightening fast delivery, but promise to be reasonable with the time I take.


Offers will be considered on most items and repeat customers will receive the best deals. Please keep in mind that I have the cost of production, supplies, shipping supplies, postage, and fees which add up to most of the selling price. This means I do NOT make much off each sale. I can only go so low on deals and offers or I lose money.

Please be considerate when trying to cut deals. Typically, a single purchase should be kept at listing price. From there lower prices can be considered for larger orders. I cannot give these away for free or lose money. Shipping is not cheap, with tracking and quality shipping supplies being used.


I will frequently put out coupons geared towards repeat buyers as a way to say thank you and offer great deals on future orders. Be on the lookout in your messages and save codes for later. If one is expired message me and see if a new one is available.

Bulk discounts will also be offered to help save you money. These discounts must take place at same time of ordering. I save money on shipping when you buy more so I can offer discounts for larger orders.

I do occasionally add bonus photos to large orders which will be identified by free gift stickers. These will NOT replace any of the items you paid for, but will be in addition and OCCASIONAL! I will do this semi-randomly when I can. I may not be able to give free photos every order. I will try to choose relevant free gifts. Whether or not your order has any freebies, I still value and appreciate your business.


Please make payment as soon as possible. I am trying to avoid putting immediate payment. That being said, I am not asking for you to pay right away. Please do not commit to purchasing items and back out of payment because you chose to claim too many items. Also please do not commit to buy items just so others do not get them. Someone else may be interested and have payment ready already so they should get priority.

If you are afraid of missing out on an item simply send me a message and ask if another can be made available when you are ready to pay. It is not fair to others to claim tons of photos and then wait days or weeks to pay or in some cases do not pay at all.


Please reach out to me in message first with any issues that may arise. Gove me a chance to fix the issue and make it right before leaving Negative response PLEASE! I am easy to deal with I promise.

Going straight to with any issues slows down the process of getting things fixed in most cases. I can lead to issues for me with as well. Just please reach out to me first.

I will leave you response. Sometimes I get a bit behind. I appreciate yours as well. Of course I want all positive so give me a chance to earn that positive rating.


Typically, I do not accept international orders directly. It is just not cost effective for myself or buyers to send these internationally.

I will honor international orders through . They handle all of the conversion pricing AND they control the cost of shipping. I do not have any control over fees they charge or whether they combine shipping or not. I do not even get to see what you are charged and pay.

I ship these to a seller hub in the states and they ship the package out to you from there. It is a slow process and not one I am a fan of. But if you want to still purchase through the international program I will give you the same service as US customers. All I ask is your understanding of what is and is not in my control.


I appreciate all of you and look forward to doing business. Thank you for viewing, purchasing, and returning daily as inventory changes DAILY!

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