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Hand painted Madonna on canvas - From Peru Cusco school For Sale

Hand painted Madonna on canvas -  From Peru Cusco school

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Hand painted Madonna on canvas - From Peru Cusco school :

100% Hand Painted oilpaintings on canvas

Thisis a Very DecorativePeruvian Cusco Folk Art Oil Painting thatdepicts a Religious Portrait . The painting itself measures 15.5"x 11.5"

Paintingwill be shipped rolled up in a tube .

Buy your own favorite Frame

Youwill need to stretch the painting onwooden stretcher bars or place it on board (see below).

TheCusco School is a Roman Catholic artistic tradition based in Cusco,Peru during the Colonial period from the 16th to the 18th Centuries.The European influence in these paintings came from the Spanish whotried to convert the Incas to Catholicism. Cusco Paintings arecharacterized by their exclusive use of religious images, lack ofperspective, and the predominance of red, yellow, and earth colors.They also use a lot of gold leaf. The subjects are usually depictedin native flora and fauna as a backdrop. Most of these paintings werecreated anonymously because of Pre-Colombian traditions that defineart as communal.

*Givea present that will last a lifetime*

I have 2 other designs for sale, see my other listings.

FREESHIPPING for UScustomers only - excluding PR, HI, AK

PLEASE NOTE: I know this hand painted piece is inspired from work of famous artists who are long gone. Local contemporary artists in Peru do this to feed their families. This painting is from a gifted old man whose wife I met in Lima.

You are not buying an antique! But it is gorgeous, and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Returns in perfect condition, in tube, will be accepted within 14 days.

Notes on doing your own framing: Framingpaintings at home is extremely economical and rewarding hobby.After the initial purchase of some basic canvas stretchingsupplies--all found on or at a hobby or craft store, the processfrom start to finish is described below. There are many online videos showinghow to do each step of this process.

1.Step One:Preparing the Canvas. This piece is pre-sealed however, some prefer to add more protection. You canput several coats ofacrylic varnishon it withaspongeorpaint brush or aspray can.

2.Step Two:Stretching the Painting Canvas: Westrongly suggest that you watch a video on this step. Again, it's notcomplicated. It is very straightforward. You will needstretcherbars, wood glue(optional), astaple gun withstaples,and canvas pliers.

3.Step Three:Attaching the Stretched Canvas to the Frame: Thisprocess simply requires that some metal hardwareframingbracketsbe screwed or drilled into the frame. Again, thehardware is commonly found at a hobby, craft, or hardware store.

4.Step Four:Adding Hanging Hardware: Thisis the easiest step. Simply attach thehanging hardwaretothe back using atape measurefor centeringaccuracy.Handing hardware is easily found at all retail stores with ahardware department .

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