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1929-1930 Marble\'s 4\" SPORT Knife Circa Small Gunsight Mark Vintage 6076-LMP For Sale

1929-1930 Marble\'s 4\

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1929-1930 Marble\'s 4\" SPORT Knife Circa Small Gunsight Mark Vintage 6076-LMP:

The Sport knife was introduced into the production line in 1929, the small gunsight mark was used until 1930. This knife was produced circa 1929-1930,Awesome, vintage Marbles, Made in Gladstone, USA, is a very high quality, fixed blade knife.Stacked leather handlesare in great condition
Blade is in good condition, with some wear from age and use.Some small flecks of discoloration and freckling can be seen.Small 3/8\" pommel nut, and 3 line \"small gunsight\" Marble\'s roller coaster stamp with a left facing \'A\'serifon the ricasso.
Knife measures 7-5/8\" long with a 4\" blade (measured from the tip to the guard)
A little history on Marbles:Marbles was founded by Webster Marble in the early 1900\'s. Webster was a true innovator of his time, helping to shape the outdoorsman industry with his inventions. He oversaw quality control, and had very rigidstandards, which made all of his products superior than any others on the market at the time.A couple of his most famous inventions are the Safety Axe, (which allowed an outdoorsman to carry a hatchet/axe on his belt without injuring his body), and the waterproof match safe (which prevented matches from getting wet, and potentiallysaving the life of a cold and wet outdoorsman). He also patented the now famous handle pattern made with stacked leather discs.
Another invention was the IDEAL knife, created to suit the needs of Webster himself. This knife was strong, lightweight, and durable. Many have copied the design of this knife, but the quality of their copies had a lot to be desired.
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