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Gwen Stefani: Private Jets and Caravans

I guess having three kids changes the way you think about transportation. Ever since Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale had their third child, they’ve been spotted driving around in a minivan instead of their G-Wagon or their new Rolls Royce Wraith. Most recently, Gwen was spotted unloading the kids from their black Honda Odyssey before boarding their […]

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Swizz Beatz Gets a Flat on His Rolls Royce

It seems like Swizz Beatz is really on a roll lately, first the Aventador  and now this Wraith.  Swizz shared this photo on Instagram with the caption, “NYC never fails. #potholecity But I still love my city. LMAO 🙂 #icantcomplainiswear”. Source (@therealswizzz) Shout out to Ricardo for the tip!

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Gwen and Gavin’s New Rolls Royce

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have great taste in cars but it’s been a while since they added a new ride to their collection — until now because Gwen and Gavin were just spotted in a brand-new Rolls Royce Wraith. (Photos: X17online) Shout out to Ryan for the tip!

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Floyd Mayweather Picks Up An Early Christmas Gift

Tis’ the season! Well, maybe it’s a little early but that didn’t stop Floyd Mayweather from giving himself a Christmas present in November. Mayweather picked up the brand new Rolls Royce Wraith in his signature white to match the rest of his crazy collection. (Photo: Instagram) Shout out to John for the tip!

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Top 10 Cars You’ll See Celebrities Driving in 2013

Celebrities are well known for their lavish lifestyle and exuberant purchases – I mean when you have an almost ‘unlimited’ supply of cash flow any expensive purchase doesn’t really hurt your pockets or bank account. We decided to take a look at the top 10 new cars that we think celebrities would dig deep in […]

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