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Hollywood was full of “scrubs” for several years, and Zach Braff was at the forefront if it all. The actor played Dr. John Dorian on Scrubs, which ran for nine great seasons. This show was responsible for earning Zach awards from the Emmys, Golden Globes and People’s Choice. It was also the role of a lifetime, as it opened the path for even more opportunities within the industry for the actor.
The New Jersey native knew he wanted to be in the film industry when he was a young child. During this time, he sharpened his skills at a training center called Stagedoor Manor, which is also the place that trained Natalie Portman and Josh Charles. Zach’s career first took off when he starred in New York City plays, as well as small television roles.
However, Zach’s big break came when he was cast as a scrub. Not only was it his first big television role, but he also got to direct some of the show’s episodes. This led him to write, direct and produce, as well as star in the movie Garden State. While Scrubs may be over, Zach has certainly taken his experiences with the show and made a successful career that will surely last him for years to come.

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