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Everything You Need To Know About Vince Vaughn

As one of the tallest actors in Hollywood, you would automatically stand out. Thankfully, at 6’5”, Vince Vaughn has had numerous standout performances within his acting career. With a focus on comedy, Vince has delivered many great roles in memorable movies. However, like many Hollywood careers, this actor had to go through many downs before he reached the top.
Vince was born in Minnesota, but he grew up in Illinois. Although he was enrolled in many sports in school, he didn’t have the natural ability or the interest to carry him through to an athletic career. Instead, Vince picked up theatre and decided as a teenager that he would be an actor someday. He moved to Hollywood after high school to pursue his dreams. At first, all he had was an appearance in a Chevy commercial and a small television series.
It wasn’t until the new millennium that Vince Vaughn made a huge name for himself. Among some of his favorite movies include Old School, Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, The Break-Up and Couples Retreat. Aside from a highly successful career in comedy, Vince also has managed to have time to create a family with his wife Kyla Weber. They wed in January 2010 and have one daughter.

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