Vanessa Minnillo

Everything You Need To Know About Vanessa Minnillo

As one of the country’s leading beauty queens, Vanessa Minnillo continues to grace her presence in American pop culture. While she established her career roots in modeling, the former pageant winner has also pursued television hosting as well as acting. Her professional career may have slowed down in recent years, but many fans continue to look up to Vanessa as an icon at the turn of the century.
Vanessa Joy Minnillo was born in the Philippines. She moved around frequently as a child, but eventually ended up calling South Carolina her home. It was her residence in this state that helped her accomplish winning the Miss Teen USA competition in 1998. Six years later, she went on to host the very competition she won. Vanessa has also hosted MTV’s Total Request Live and has worked for Entertainment Tonight.
Over the last five years, Vanessa’s career has focused on television guest spots, such as those portrayed in CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-0. She has also hosted True Beauty and Wipeout. More recently, Vanessa has added mother and wife to her resume. After dating off and on for several years, Vanessa married Nick Lachey in 2005 surrounded by close family and friends. Mrs. Lachey and her hubby had their first child, son Camden born in the fall of 2012.

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