Sharon Stone

Everything You Need To Know About Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone is a Pennsylvania-born actress and model that is best known for her scandalous role in Basic Instinct. As a teenager, Sharon gained an interest in modeling and hurried to finish high school early so she could pursue a career in the industry. She eventually signed with Ford Modeling Agency in New York City shortly after graduating high school early.
She moved to Europe and modeled for several years. However, Sharon caught the acting bug during her 20s and decided to switch her focus to acting roles. Before her famous leg crossing-and-uncrossing role in Basic Instinct, Sharon had starred in Total Recall, Irreconcilable Differences and Stardust Memories. While she was given the nod for numerous award nominations in the early 90s, she didn’t win until 1995, when she won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in the crime-drama film, Casino.
Sharon continues to act, but she has also shifted to another part of the industry: screenwriting. She resides in Beverly Hills and continues to focus on peace-promoting projects, as well as other volunteering ventures. In an effort to find inner peace and better well-being, she has also started to follow Tibetan Buddhism.

Sharon Stone’s Bentley

Sharon Stone Bentley Continental
Sharon Stone Bentley Continental
Sharon Stone Bentley Continental

Sharon Stone’s Porsche Cayenne

Sharon Stone Porsche Cayenne

Sharon Stone’s Audi A8

Sharon Stone Audi A8

Sharon Stone Rides In Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Sharon Stone Mercedes-Benz S-Class