Gretchen Rossi

Everything You Need To Know About Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen Rossi first got national attention with her debut on the fourth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, replacing two former “housewives.” This smart and confident California native has proven to be a colorful addition to the show. However, there’s just one problem—Gretchen isn’t technically a housewife (although a few other members of the cast aren’t either). Instead, she has had a long-term relationship with Slade Smiley, and there have been no marriage talks yet. At the same time, Gretchen has publicly stated that she is ready to have a baby soon.
A traditional housewife is one who takes care of all matters in the home, while someone else is the breadwinner. However, Gretchen defies these stereotypes with her business ventures, including makeup and handbag lines. She also participates in the other housewives’ activities on the show, including extravagant shopping excursions, parties, and the occasional cat fight. Ironically, the actress also has a degree in psychology from Baylor University in Texas.
Despite the controversies of her reality show, Gretchen is in some ways an inspiration to women who have failed and are looking to get back on their feet. After graduating college, she was a successful real estate agent but she quit for her then-fiancée. This was a valuable lesson that women also need to take care of themselves financially and emotionally, and not to drop your dreams for another person (not that we can all be on reality television, though.)

Gretchen Rossi’s Mercedes

Gretchen Rossi Mercedes

Gretchen Rossi’s Rolls Royce Phantom

Gretchen Rossi's Rolls Royce Phantom