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Vanessa Hudgens’ New Audi Didn’t Last Long

Vanessa Hudgens recently picked up a new Audi S5 and from the looks of these photos it sure didn’t take long for it to get smashed up. L.A. driving combined with a little young Hollywood = nice cars don’t have a chance these days…

Vanessa Hudgens Audi S5











Vanessa Hudgens Audi S5 Crashed

Justin Bieber Gets Into Ferrari Fender Bender

Justin Bieber Ferrari

No need to worry — The Biebs is doing just fine and so is his (loaner) Ferrari. According to sources, Justin Bieber was driving around in his fancy rental car when a Honda Civic driving behind him got a little too close and tapped the rear bumper.

Justin Bieber Ferrari

Mr. Bean Wrecks His McLaren F1

“Mr. Bean” a.k.a British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson is one very lucky man today after crashing his McLaren F1 last night into a light post and a tree.

Rowan Atkinson

Atkinson was able to walk away from the crash with only a minor shoulder injury but his McLaren will need a lot more than just a band aid. It’s not clear whether or not the car will even be able to be repaired.

Rowan Atkinson McLaren F1 crash

This is the second time Atkinson has crashed his McLaren that he bought himself back in 1997. Maybe he should just call this one good and not press his luck anymore with the McLaren. Just saying…



Blonde Smashes Bentley Into Multiple Supercars

OK, so this unknown blonde isn’t a celebrity but there’s just no way we could pass this one up. She was probably feeling like a celebrity for the split second before smashing her Bentley Azure into the first victim (a white Mercedes S-Class), then because she couldn’t seem to find the break pedal, she smashed into her second victim (a black Ferrari F-430), then the third victim (an Aston Martin Rapide) and finally the fourth victim (a Porsche 911). If this was some sort of game where you were trying to nail all the supercars in sight she would definitely be winning right now but sadly, it was not. Everything went down just outside Monaco’s Place du Casino and it’s just a hunch but we’re guessing she probably wont be going in to gamble after this unfortunate luck. Question is, how exactly does something like this happen?

Blonde Crashes Bentley Azure

Blonde Crashes Bentley Azure

Blonde Crashes Bentley Azure

Ooops…did I do that??


Source: http://www.whatsonsanya.com/news-17342-blonde-smashes-bentley-into-4-supercars-outside-monaco-s-place-du-casino.html

Tito Ortiz Smashes His Rolls Royce

Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz’s weekend went from good to bad real quick when he was involved in a three car smash up with his Rolls Royce Phantom in Costa Mesa. Fortunately no one was hurt, but Tito did tweet after the crash that all repairs will be paid out of his own pocket…ouch. That one hurts.

Tito Ortiz Rolls Royce Phantom


 Source: TMZ