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Mark Wahlberg’s Cadillac Escalade Gets Customized

When you’re Mark Wahlberg and you have a garage full of cars including Bentley’s, Mercedes’ and Porsche’s you certainly can’t add a plain jane stock Escalade to the mix. Mark recently brought his Cadillac down to the guys at West Coast Customs for a little overhaul (OK, a big overhaul). The interior was completely stripped […]

Johnny Depp Gifted With A 1959 Corvette

If there’s one celebrity we could see driving around in a 1959 Corvette it would definitely be this guy. Johnny Depp recently received a very generous gift from producer Graham King for his hard work in the upcoming film The Rum Diary. Oh, and the film also stars Amber Heard so if that isn’t enough […]

Sean Kingston: Maybach Parking 101

According to this video from TMZ, it appears as though Sean Kingston may have come a little too close to another car when he was trying to get his Maybach out of a parking spot. It’s pretty hard to tell from the video but what do you think? Contact or no contact?? Source: TMZ

Bucky Laseks Sick Daily Driver – Porsche Turbo

Pro skateboarder Bucky Lasek definitely pushes the limits when he’s out on the half pipes and the same goes when he’s behind the wheel of his 2001 996 Porsche Turbo. Take a look at the video below for an inside look at Bucky’s Porsche. Source:

Hugh Jackman: Audi For Life

Hugh Jackman’s newest film Real Steel hit theaters this weekend. We recently came across this video of Jackman talking about Audi and rolling up in an R8. From the sound of it, Jackman is a huge fan and we can’t blame him (who isn’t these days). He was also just named Audi’s newest Brand Ambassador…not […]