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Bubba Watson’s Bulletproof Raptor

What’s more badass than a Ford Raptor? A BULLETPROOF Ford Raptor. Bubba Watson’s no stranger when it comes to unique rides and his new custom Oakley Ford Raptor built by Mike Smith Fabrication in Huntington Beach is just that. Watson collaborated with Oakley’s golf and motorsports team to create this badass Raptor over a year ago and […]

Video: Jon Olsson’s RS6 In Action

Jon Olsson’s referred to his new Audi RS6 as a “beast” and after watching this video, it’s obvious that he’s not joking. The video was made for a Gumball 3000 reunion with Team Betsafe recently and luckily they caught a few shots of the RS6 in action. The Milltek exhaust system is insane. Check it out […]

Travis Barker’s Cadillac Coupe DeVille — The Winner Is…

A few months back, Famous Stars and Straps, Tilly’s and Travis Barker himself, setup a contest for a chance to win Barker’s custom 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille. Just last week the Famous family took a trip to Visalia, CA to hand over the keys to Nando, the winner and proud new owner of Travis Barker’s […]

The Man Who Bought One of the Most Expensive Lamborghini

Meet the man who just paid over $4 Million for a Lamborghini Veneno. Kris Sing ordered the car over 1 year ago. He’s not shy about the purchase and also seems genuinely in love with the car. Full video after the jump!

Barett-Jackson Update: Simon Cowell’s Veyron Sells for $1.375 Million

Simon Cowell’s Bugatti Veyron went across the auction block last night at Barrett-Jackson fetching a $1.25 million not including the buyers fee which rounded the price up to $1.375 million. No word as to who the buyer is. Video after the jump!