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Tyga: Back To Basics With a Bentley

Tyga shared a photo of himself standing next to his new Bentley Mulsanne recently. Tyga picked up the new Mulsanne from The Auto Gallery in Los Angeles where it was listed for just under $250K. I guess the “basics” aren’t as cheap as they used to be!

Tyga Bentley Mulsanne

Photo Source (@kinggoldchains)

Spotted: Tyga Running Around in his Rover

Tyga was spotted getting into his matte red Range Rover in Beverly Hills earlier this week. The Rover’s sitting on different Forgiato wheels than last time he shared a photo of it on Instagram.

Photos (Zimbio)

Is Tyga Rolling in a New Lamborghini?

It’s hard to tell from his captions on Instagram but from his photos, it definitely looks like Tyga bought a new matte purple Lamborghini Aventador. What do you think of matte purple on the Aventador?

Tyga Lamborghini Aventador

Tyga Lamborghini

Photos (@kinggoldchains)

Tyga’s Rollin’ In A New Red Range Rover

Tyga shared a photo of his new matte red on black Range Rover recently with his son posing in front. What do you think of the matte red on the Rover? At least he didn’t wrap it in that rose gold chrome like he did with his Mercedes SLS and his Lamborghini Aventador.

Tyga Range Rover
Photo (@kinggoldchains)

Tyga Shows Off His Vintage Rolls Royce

Tyga shared a photo of this vintage 1959 Rolls Royce recently with the caption, “what color should I make it?”. If you ask me, I wouldn’t mess with it and I’d keep it just the way it is. What do you think? Lets just hope it doesn’t show up with a rose gold wrap!

Tyga Rolls Royce

Shout out to Joe for the tip.