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Bill Gates With A Tesla Model X!?

In a recent post on Bill Gates’ blog, he spent some time chatting with the author of one of his new favorite books while cruising around in a gorgeous blue Tesla Model X! The two spent the day chatting about the book, getting some burgers, and showing off the Model X on a beautiful Seattle day! They recorded the whole thing on a VR camera too which makes for a fairly entertaining viewing experience. We don’t know if this is Bills Model X, but we know he loves technologically advanced cars (and obviously technology in general), so we wouldn’t be surprised if he picked one up.

Make sure to check out the whole video here: gatesnotes.com

Bill Gates Tesla Model X

Bill Gates Model X

Bill Gates Tesla


George R. R. Martin’s Purple Tesla Model S

George R. R. Martin is a writer and creator of the hit HBO series, “The Game of Thrones”. He is also a big fan of Tesla Motors, and happens to own a Model S in a very unique purple color! Unfortunately it is not a standard factory color option, but we assume there have been many requests for it after seeing his!

George R. R. Martin Tesla Model S

Source (Tesla Motors Club)

Jessica Alba In A Tesla !?

Jessica Alba has been seen cruising around in an Audi A8 for a while now. Just recently though she posted a picture on Instagram of her in what appears to be a Tesla Model S with a Space X baseball cap on! Though we don’t know for sure if this is her new ride, we wouldn’t be surprised as it fits her companies image a lot better than a murdered out Audi A8. We will be sure to keep you guys updated when we find out more!

Jessica Alba Tesla Space X

Source (@jessicaalba)

Thank you Anders for the tip!

Jaden Smith Takes Delivery of the new Tesla Model X

Jaden Smith is just the second celebrity we’ve spotted now with Tesla’s new Model X. Jaden’s older brother Trey, shared a photo of Jaden posing in front of his new Tesla after he picked it up this past week. According to his caption, this is the first car for the seventeen year old which means he may be one of the few celebrity kids that didn’t get a car for his 16th birthday?!

Jaden Smith Tesla Model X
Photo (@ace0011)

Kate Upton’s Tesla Model S!

When you are one of the most popular models in the world, you are somewhat expected to drive something big and luxurious to keep you safe from the craziness of day to day life. Kate Upton did just that by picking up a new, nicely optioned out Tesla Model S! She took to Instagram to show off a picture of her new ride at a charging station for the first time, along with the caption, “it’s SO awesome” and the hashtag, “#ilovethiscar”. The popularity of Tesla has showed no signs of slowing down, particularly with celebrities!

Kate Upton Tesla Model S

Source (@kateupton)