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Dear Weird Al, Please Post A Photo of Your Tesla

What Do You Think Pharrell Is Driving?

See it after the jump!
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Alyson Hannigan Puts Her Tesla To Work

The Tesla Model S is becoming a popular car among celebrities but this is the first time I’ve seen a celebrity with the rear facing seat option. Alyson Hannigan has had her Model S for a little while now (first time I spotted her, she was actually plugging it in to charge) but this time she was spotted taking her kids out of the back rear facing seats. Pretty sweet way to turn a good looking car into a seven seat kid hauler!

Alyson Hannigan Tesla Alyson Hannigan Tesla Model S

James Hetfield Loves Cars and Recently Picked up a Tesla Model S

Tesla’s building amazing cars that car people love and I think it’s working 😉

Case and point is a major car guy like James Hetfield, guitarist from Metallica who recently picked up his black Tesla Model S.  But don’t think for a second he doesn’t like burning some gas.  Video after the jump 😉

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Ray Parker Jr Videos The Delivery of His Tesla Model S

I’m willing to bet that there is at least one celebrity taking delivery of a Model S each week. I know this video was uploaded nearly 6 months ago but I just came across it and continue to hear of more and more celebrities picking up the Tesla Model S.

Check out this video of songwriter and producer Ray Parker Jr taking delivery of his Model S.