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Even Rockstars Love The Tesla

Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman, Anthony Kiedis was spotted driving his Tesla Model S with his girlfriend in Los Angeles recently. While the Tesla isn’t exactly what I’d picture Kiedis driving, it continues to prove that the Model S is one of the new celebrity favorites.

Anthony Kiedis Tesla Model S

Anthony Kiedis Tesla

(Photo via Zimbio)


Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin In A Tesla

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin were spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont in a Tesla Model S recently.

Lisa Rinna Harry Hamlin Tesla Model S Lisa Rinna Tesla

(photos: Zimbio)


Laurence Fishburne Shows Off His New Tesla

Actor, Laurence Fishburne was spotted showing off his new Tesla Model S to his friend and actor, Harold Perrineau over the weekend. From the looks of it Fishburne is pretty happy with his new Model S just like all the other celebrities we’ve seen with the car already.

Laurence Fishburne Tesla Laurence Fishburne Tesla Model S

(Photos: Zimbio)


Tony Hawk Scores a Tesla Model S

Back in 2010 Tony Hawk was rocking one of the best looking hybrids available, the Lexus LS 600h.  Well now it’s 2013 and if you want to be green there is a whole new breed of cars.  It’s no surprise to us that Tony Hawk picked up a Tesla Model S.

Tony Hawk Tesla Model S

Source: Instagram via Reader Tip

Top 10 Cars You’ll See Celebrities Driving in 2013

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Celebrities are well known for their lavish lifestyle and exuberant purchases – I mean when you have an almost ‘unlimited’ supply of cash flow any expensive purchase doesn’t really hurt your pockets or bank account.

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