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Scott Storch Talks About His Bugatti Veyron!

Scott Storch is possibly one of the greatest hip-hop producers that has ever lived. At the hight of his career he had amassed a near $100 million dollar fortune, and wasn’t afraid to spend all of it! One of his most prized purchases was the Bugatti Veyron. In a recent interview with Vlad TV, he talks about how his car was #004, and how he was the second person to take delivery in the United States (behind Ralph Lauren)! He also mentions that he paid $1.7 million for the car, which in the mid 2000s was pretty unheard of!

Skip to 1:50 to hear him talk about the Veyron!

Spotted: Scott Storch In A Ferrari On Rodeo Drive

I guess when you produce songs like “Lean Back” and “Candy Shop” you can afford to take it easy for a few years and still drop the cash on a Ferrari. Record producer Scott Storch was spotted behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 in Beverly Hills recently. We’re lovin the blacked out taillights. What do you think?

Scott Storch Ferrari F430

Scott Storch Ferrari F430


Thanks to Matt for the tip!

Scott Storch Adds a Drophead Coupe to the Family

Scott Storch was the first to cut the roof off the Rolls Royce Phantom and admittedly says its a mistake, but when you have money, what does it matter?
Scott Storch's Rolls Royce Phantom

Well take a look at what popped in his driveway this weekend…
Rolls Royce Drophead right next to his Bugatti!