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Rod Stewart Cruises In His New Ferrari

We’ve spotted Rod Stewart driving around in his Range Rover and we’ve also spotted him in a Rolls Royce Ghost EWB (for those times when he feels like having a chauffeur) but when he really wants to drive, he’s got this new Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. Stewart was spotted driving around in his Ferrari with the top down in Los Angeles last week.

Source (Zimbio)

Rod Stewart: Family Night Out In The Rolls Royce

While most families drive minivans and SUV’s around town, Rod Stewart and his family spend family night out in their Rolls Royce Ghost EWB. Not too shabby!

Rod Stewart Rolls Royce Rod Stewart Rolls Royce Phantom

(photos: Zimbio)



Rod Stewart’s Range Rover Sport

Rod Stewart waved to the paparazzi as he walked back to his Range Rover. This is definitely one color we don’t see celebrities with very often. Would you buy a Rover in this color?

Rod Stewart Range Rover

Rod Stewarts Stolen Viper Back In Action

Seven years ago Rod Stewarts Dodge Viper was stolen right out of his own garage by a gardener working on his property.

According to sources, Volo Car Museum in Chicago purchased the car back in 2004 after it was recovered and has kept it in hiding…until now…

Rod Stewart Dodge Viper

As of tomorrow the Viper will go on display at the Volo Car Museum in Chicago as part of a “Celebrity Super Cars” exhibit being held through this weekend.

Oh, and Michael Jordan’s Bentley Continental GT will also be on display. Now that’s actually something we might be excited to see.


Source: TMZ