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Chris Brown Gets Pulled Over In His Porsche

Chris Brown was pulled over in Beverly Hills for doing 60 in a 35 with his black Porsche Turbo S recently. According to X17Online, Brown couldn’t talk his way out of this one — he was given a ticket and sent on his way.

Chris Brown Porsche Turbo S Chris Brown Porsche Turbo S

Shout out to Don for the tip!

Pump Your Breaks And Drive Slow? Not In Kim’s New G63

According to E! Online Kanye West was pulled over by cops after leaving the Chateau Marmont in Kim’s Mercedes-Benz G63 recently. Kanye was also spotted driving Kim around in her G-Wagon over the holidays (photo below).

Kanye West Mercedes G Wagon

Shout out to Collin for the tip!

Source: E! Online

Robert Rey Gets Pulled Over In His Maserati

Robert Rey, aka Dr. 90210, was recently spotted while being pulled over in his Maserati Granturismo.

Robert Rey Maserati Granturismo

Robert Rey Maserati

Ryan O’Neal Picks Up A Ticket In His Porsche

Ryan O’Neal was pulled over as he was cruising along Ocean Avenue in his Porsche Panamera recently.

Ryan ONeal Porsche Panamera

Ryan ONeal Porsche Panamera



Petra Ecclestone Gets Pulled Over In Her Rover

Unfortunately it wasn’t for driving on the wrong side of the road and no, it wasn’t even Petra behind the wheel — it was her driver. Petra was just sitting comfortably in the passenger seat of her custom Range Rover while her driver handled everything. This is what we like to call rich people problems. Daddy will take care of it I’m sure.

Petra Ecclestone Range Rover



Petra Ecclestone Rover