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Spotted: King Felix Driving Around the Streets of Seattle

Seattle Mariner pitcher, Felix Hernandez was spotted behind the wheel of his customized Porsche Cayenne Turbo in downtown Seattle. Whether it’s his Cayenne, his customized Tundra or his new Rolls Royce, the King is hard to miss.

Felix Hernandez Porsche Cayenne

Miley Cyrus Still Loves Her Porsche Cayenne

Camera’s recently caught Miley Cyrus driving around in her black Porsche Cayenne GTS. She must be a fan of the car since she’s owned it for a little over two years now. The fist time we spotted her in the GTS, she was filling up the tank at a gas station in Los Angeles.

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Why Doesn’t Ashlee Simpson Drive?

We’ve spotted Ashlee Simpson riding around in multiple cars over the years but we’ve never seen her actually driving. It’s usually her assistant driving her Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Range Rover, or this time, her Porsche Cayenne.

Photo Source (Zimbio)

Keith Urban Heads To The Airport In a Porsche

Keith Urban was spotted getting out of a new Porsche Cayenne at LAX recently.

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Michelle Hunziker Goes Shopping In Her Porsche

Swiss-Italian television hostess, actress, and model, Michelle Hunziker was spotted getting into her new Porsche Cayenne while out in Milan earlier this week. The Cayenne is a good looking SUV but just like Heidi Klum, Hunziker makes it look even better.

Michelle Hunziker Porsche Cayenne