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P.Diddy Joined the 488 Club

You can now add Diddy to the long list of celebrities who now own a Ferrari 488. We saw plenty of celebrities own the 458 over the years, but towards the end of it’s life cycle it started to die out a bit. Since the 488 has come on to the scene, however, it seems as if interest has been completely renewed and Diddy’s just the latest celeb we’ve seen with one. He shared the all too common picture of his silver 488 with his private jet, and I’m not sure if it’s the juxtaposition of the car with the jet, but I’m loving it in silver!

Diddy 488

Source: Instagram

French Montana, P. Diddy, i8’s, and Private Jets

Not everyone’s birthday involves a BMW i8, a private jet, and P. Diddy but French Montana’s did. French shared a photo of himself and Diddy on the tarmac with a P.J. and French’s i8 in the background. Must. Be. Nice.

French Montana BMW i8
Photo (@frenchmontana)

P. Diddy Sits on The Hood of His Maybach

I guess P. Diddy decided he wanted to get in on the Instagram “sit on my car” craze because he shared this photo of himself sitting on the hood of his blacked out Maybach yesterday.

P Diddy Maybach
Photo (@iamdiddy)

P. Diddy Rollin In A Rolls

P. Diddy always knows how to make an entrance. Just a couple weeks ago, Diddy showed up to an event in a Rolls Royce Ghost.

P Diddy Rolls Royce P Diddy Rolls Royce Ghost


P. Diddy Models With A Maybach

P.Diddy knows how to travel in style. First, he was Instagraming himself with a blacked-out Maybach and now he’s posing with a silver Maybach. Maybe they’re his, maybe they’re rented — either way they’re badass and so is he!

P Diddy Maybach

Photo Source: iamdiddy Instagram