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Sinbad’s Rolling Around In A Navigator

Sinbad was spotted feeding a parking meter in Hollywood for his black Lincoln Navigator earlier this week. This is the first time we’ve ever spotted Sinbad with a car. Unfortunately we’re not all that impressed but I guess we can’t expect a lot when we haven’t even heard much about him in the last couple years.

Sinbad Lincoln Navigator

Sinbad Navigator

Will And Jada Run Around NYC In A Navigator

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith jump out of the back of a Lincoln Navigator in NYC.

Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Lincoln Naviagtor

Cuba Gooding Jr. Gets Down To Business In A Navigator

Cuba Gooding Jr. was spotted running around New York city in the passenger seat of a Lincoln Navigator. Anyone know what he has in his own garage?

Cuba Gooding Jr Lincoln Navigator

Halle Berry Gets A Surprise While Riding In A Navigator

Halle Berry was on her way to the airport in a Lincoln Navigator recently when her boyfriend Oliver Martinez made a surprise stop next to her on his Harley Davidson.

Halle Berry Lincoln Navigator Oliver Martinez Harley Davidson

Audrina Patridge Gets Down To Business In A Navigator

Audrina Patridge traveled around New York City in a Lincoln Navigator before heading to a taping of the “Today Show” recently. Did anyone watch her new reality show? Yeah…didn’t think so.

Audrina Patridge Lincoln Navigator