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Lil’ Twist Runs Around In a Bentley Mulsanne

While Bieber’s running around getting busted by the law, his buddy and rapper, Lil’ Twist is running around Los Angeles in a Bentley Mulsanne.
Source (Zimbio)

Kylie Jenner Lets Lil’ Twist Drive Her G-Wagon

Who knows if they’re just friends or if they’re dating but either way, it looks like Kylie Jenner trusts Lil’ Twist enough to let him get behind the wheel of her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. Does Lil’ Twist even have his own car? The only cars I’ve ever seen him driving around in are Justin Biebers and now Kylie’s.

Kylie Jenner Lil Twist G Wagon

Kylie Jenner G Wagon





























Source: X17online

Lil’ Twist Borrows Justin Bieber’s Rover

Just a couple weeks ago, Justin Bieber’s friend Lil’ Twist was driving around in Bieber’s Fisker Karma and got into a little fender bender. This week Lil’ Twist was spotted driving Bieber’s Range Rover to a gas station in Los Angeles. I guess Justin Bieber is a pretty forgiving friend. That or he knows if something really unfortunate happens he can just buy another Rover.

Lil Twist Justin Bieber Range Rover