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Yo Gotti’s TBT (Lambo and Porsche Panamera)

I’m by no means a fan of Yo Gotti and I can’t name a single song of his but I’m guessing he’s doing something right. Here is a quick little TBT he shared this past week and a nice little shot of what he’s driving now!

Yo Gotti TBT

Yo Gotti Aventador

Source: Instagram

Deadmau5’s Done It Again With a New “Nyanborghini Purracan”

Remember Deadmau5’s Ferrari 458 Italia wrapped in a Nyan cat theme, better known as the “Purrari”? Well, Ferrari wasn’t exactly pleased with the look (pretty sure we called him out on it when he first wrapped it too). Ferrari North America ended up sending him a cease and desist letter last year to have the custom emblems removed. Long story short, the “Purrari” is gone and the new “Nyanborghini Purracan” is in.

Deadmau5 shared a photo of the Lamborghini Huracan’s new look on his Instagram page. What do you think and exactly how long until another cease and desist letter is on its way?

Deadmau5 Nyanborghini Purracan Continue Reading

Soulja Boy’s Desperate To Show Off His Lambo

One quick look through Soulja Boy’s Instagram page and it’s pretty obvious he’s rolling around in a Lamborghini these days. Soulja Boy’s shared so many photos of his Lamborghini recently that we don’t even have the energy to show you all of them but if you really want to check them out, you can find them here.

Soulja Boy Lamborghini Gallardo


Photos (@souljaboy)

Which Jenner Has Curves and Lamborghini Aventador… It’s Not Kendall

HOT HOT HOT!  Can you guess which Jenner has curves and hot new Aventador Roadster to match? Jump over to TMZ to find out!

Kendall Jenner Aventador

Video: Nyjah Huston on His Way to Street League #RIPRIP

Los Angeles is a pretty big place and I can’t really imagine running into many people you know on the 405 but it happened to Nyjah Huston and Josh Kalis when Josh rolled up on Nyjah en route to the Street League competition over the weekend. By the looks of it, Josh was in his Gallardo and Nyjah in his R8. The R8 we can’t even begin to keep up with because of how many times he has changed the look of it.

Josh’s Gallardo
Josh Kalis Lamborghini

Nyjah’s Audi R8
Nyjah Huston Audi R8