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Sweet Sixteen Rover For Kendall Jenner

Of course Kendall Jenner got a car for her sweet sixteen birthday and of course it was sitting outside with a big red bow on top. Would you really expect anything less from the Kardashian/Jenner family? According to TMZ, Kendall walked outside after dinner to find the 2012 black Range Rover waiting curbside. Being a teenager is so tough…

Kendall Jenner Range Rover

Source: TMZ

Kris Jenner Hits The Streets Of NYC In A Maybach

First it was Scott and now it’s Kris. A few weeks ago we spotted Scott Disick (sorry for even mentioning the name) out in a Maybach and now Kris Kardashian Jenner is in town and riding around in the same Maybach. What would Kris Jenner do if she didn’t have money??

Kris Jenner Maybach

Kris Jenner Loads Up Her Bentley

Don’t worry we don’t have a thing for Kris Jenner, we just can’t get enough of her Bentley.

Kris loaded up the back of her Bentley Continental Supersports with shopping bags after taking one of her youngest daughters and a friend shopping (as if they don’t already have enough clothes).

Kris Jenner Bentley Continental Supersports

Wonder if Kris ever lets her husband Bruce get behind the wheel…we recently heard Kris wants to take the name Kardashian back and ditch Jenner. Talk about cold hearted!

Kris Jenner Bentley Continental Supersports

Source: X17 Online

Kris Jenner Gets Wild With Her Bentley

Kris Jenner looked like some sort of wild animal as she stepped out of her Bentley Continental Supersports recently. The outfit’s a little strange but we’ll give her an ‘A’ for the car.

Kris Jenner Bentley Continental Supersports

Kris Jenner Runs Around In Her Bentley

Kris Jenner and her youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie were recently spotted in Kris’ white Bentley Continental Supersports convertible. Yesterday we spotted Arnold Schwarzenegger in one and now Kris Jenner has one? What doesn’t this family have…

Kris Jenner Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible