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Prince William and The Dutchess Arrive In Style

Prince William and Catherine, The Dutchess of Cambridge showed up for an event in a new Bentley Flying Spur this past week. They might not always be behind the wheel themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to roll.

(Photo: Zimbio)

A Royal Rover For A Royal Baby

The new prince is here and between the multiple royal family visits to and from the hospital, Range Rover and Jaguar have had some serious camera time. In the video and photos below you can see Prince William loading his newborn son into the backseat of their brand new Range Rover and driving it away himself.

Prince William Range Rover

Prince William Kate Range Rover


William And Kate Make An Appearance In A Bentley

The royals know how to roll. Prince William and Kate Middleton showed up to a public appearance recently in a Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Prince William Kate Middleton Bentley

Prince William Kate Middleton Bentley Flying Spur

Kate Middleton’s Volkswagen See’s Some Action

After sitting around for a few days and not seeing any action from bidders, the Volkswagen Golf that was once owned by Kate Middleton has actually received it’s first bid at 20,000 euro’s which is somewhere right around $28,000. Check out the full listing here and find out what else comes with the car. Do you think the car will reach the reserve price??

Kate Middleton Volkswagen Golf













Kate Middleton Volkswagen Golf


Kate Middleton: The Volkswagen With A Touch Of Royalty

Talk about one lucky kid. Just two years ago Sonny Brazil picked up a 2001 Volkswagen Golf for just under $1,500 bucks. Yeah, we know he’s not a celebrity but this is an interesting story. Catch is, Sonny bought the blue Volkswagen from Kate Middleton before anyone ever knew she would one day become a Princess. Long story short, Sonny’s decided to sell the Golf on eBay (of course) and some are saying the car will go for around $30,000 but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Kate Middleton Volkswagen Golf














Maybe it’s just us but we can think of a few other things to do with 30k….