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Kate Gosselin Gets A New Audi

In our opinion Kate Gosselin’s minute of fame came to an end a while ago but now that her show (that no one watches) has been canceled, Kate’s future is officially up in the air. In this recent photo, Kate was spotted getting out of a new Audi TT before heading for the gym. We’re guessing she dropped the cash for this car before she knew her show was going to be canceled….oops. No one’s getting pizza now.

Kate Gosselin Audi TT

Kate Gosselin’s Bus Load

Super mom Kate Gosselin was spotted loading the kids into her Dodge Sprinter the other day. Looks like it’s basically just one bus to another bus for the Gosselin kids. Is there really any other transportation option for so many kids?

Kate Gosselin Dodge Sprinter

Kate Gosselin is a Confirmed Soccer Mom

Here’s famous TV mom and ex- Dancing With The Stars contender Kate Gosselin hopping out of her huge Toyota van outside a tanning salon in Philadelphia. With her huge household to run  and eight kids prancing around nonstop, that big car is a necessity! Nothing says Soccer Mom better than 8 kids right?

Kate Gosselin is a Confirmed Soccer Mom