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Spotted: Jennifer Lopez in her Bentley

Only Jennifer Lopez would take her kids to a pumpkin patch in a Bentley. J’Lo was spotted hanging out at a Los Angeles pumpkin patch with her white Bentley Continental convertible. From the looks of it, she’s also added some wheels to the car since we saw her with it last.

Source (Zimbio)

Jennifer Lopez Makes an Entrance in her Rolls Royce

Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted getting out of the backseat of her Rolls Royce Ghost in an alley behind the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles.

Source (Zimbio)

Jennifer Lopez: Two Bentleys, One Day

When you’re Jennifer Lopez you can have just about anything you want, including two Bentleys. J’Lo was spotted riding around in her Bentley Continental and her Bentley Arnage all in the same day late last week. This sure makes up for that time we spotted her driving a minivan! Question is, why doesn’t she have a Mulsanne? She’d look good in a Mulsanne!

Jennifer Lopez Bentley Continental Jennifer Lopez Bentley

Is Jennifer Lopez Really Driving Around In This??

This is one celebrity we never thought we’d ever (and by ever we mean EVER) see riding around in a minivan but from the looks of this photo it’s true. Jennifer Lopez was spotted shopping with her twins in Los Angeles and loading them into the back of this Toyota Sienna earlier this week.

Jennifer Lopez Minivan

Source: Zimbio 


Jennifer Lopez Shows Up To The Grove In A Bentley

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart created a scene at a shopping center in Los Angeles recently as they got into Casper’s white Bentley (bought with J’Lo’s money of course).

Jennifer Lopez Bentley