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Jesse Metcalfe’s New Jaguar F-Type Convertible

Jesse Metcalfe’s usually running around town in his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon (you can see it in the background) but it looks like Jesse really likes his new Jaguar F-Type. What do you think of the orange on black look?

jesse metcalfe jaguar


Source (@realjessemetcalfe)

Source (Zimbio)

Beckham Ditches The Prius For an F-Type

David Beckham was spotted leaving the gym and getting into a Jaguar F-Type this week instead of the Toyota Prius we saw him with last week and while this car still doesn’t seem very “Beckham”, at least the Prius was out of the picture.

David Beckham Jaguar F Type
Source (X17Online)
Shout out to William for the tip!

Simon Cowell’s $650,000 Classic Jaguar

Simon Cowell has proven to the world that despite possessing an endless pit of cash and owning some of the planet’s most exotic cars, he also has some taste. Don’t get me wrong, his Rolls Royce Phantom and Bugatti Veyron (now sold) are classy cars, but anyone with a lot of cash can simply order one.

Although not exactly cheap, the flat-headed music mogal shelled out $650,000 on a very rare Jaguar Eagle Speedster after he saw Jeremy Clarkson driving one on Top Gear.  

Cowell may have constantly mocked Clarkson for his looks and fashion sense when he appeared on the show, but it seems when it comes to cars, Clarkson is actually an inspiration.


Kelly Rowland Valets Her Jaguar F-Type

Kelly Rowland just keeps adding more rides to her collection. Between this new Jaguar, her Bentley Continental, and her Range Rover, I have to say she seems to have pretty good taste. Kelly was spotted valeting her new Jaguar F-Type at a restaurant in Los Angeles recently. I’m liking the white exterior with red interior on the F-Type. What do you think?

Kelly Rowland Jaguar F TYPE Kelly Rowland Jaguar

Dick Van Dyke’s Jaguar Goes Up In Flames

Dick Van Dyke was driving his Jaguar XJL on a freeway in Los Angeles yesterday when it burst into flames. Luckily, Van Dyke was pulled from the car by a witness and was unharmed. His Jaguar on the other hand is toast (literally).

Dick Van Dyke Car On Fire

(Source: Vine)

Dick’s Jaguar before:

Dick Van Dyke Jaguar XJL