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Adriana Lima Makes A Pit Stop In Her Cayenne

Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima was spotted filling up her white Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid in Miami over the weekend. Is it just us or does she look completely different with no tan and glasses? Either way, she’s got a sweet ride and she’s going green.

Adriana Lima Porsche Cayenne S

Adriana Lima Porsche Cayenne

Michael Douglas Is Bored With His Prius

Michael Douglas looked less than happy as he picked up his Toyota Prius from valet recently. This is just the face you make when you own a Prius I guess.

Michael Douglas Toyota Prius

Last Weeks Guess Who – Emmy Rossum

Last weeks ‘Guess Who’ was Emmy Rossum getting into her Lexus RX hybrid.

Emmy Rossum Lexus RX Hybrid

Emmy Rossum Lexus RX

Charlize Theron Spends The Day In Her Lexus

Charlize Theron was spotted running errands in her Lexus RX hybrid recently.

Charlize Theron Lexus RX

Last Weeks Guess Who – Demi Moore

The last “Guess Who” was Demi Moore getting into her Lexus LS hybrid.

Demi Moore Lexus
















Demi Moore